How to remove Webalta from Google Chrome

By | 07.04.2016

If you’re reading this, most likely you are puzzled by the question, how to remove Webalta of Google Chrome, the browser suddenly found themselves out of nowhere, but it you have never installed. Webalta — search engine earn a negative reputation is not entirely persuasive and legitimate advertising its service. Get rid of unwanted search engine by routine changes the start page does not work, he’ll be back again. The problem is further complicated by the fact that this infection do not see the anti-virus software, but clean Webalta page may perform a series of manipulations.

How to remove Webalta

1. Clean the cookie and start page
The first thing to do is to clear your cache and cookie. What you need to open your browser and press the key combination «Ctrl» + «Shift» + «Delete». «Clear History» window will pop up. Set a checkmark in «Clear cache» and «Delete cookie files and other site and plug-ins.» After click «Clear History.»

2. Remove Website
Then take a look at the settings menu. Open the advanced settings by clicking on the «Show advanced settings» and find «Network» heading. Click the words «Change settings proxy server …», go to the tab «General». In this tab, you will see the title «Home». To remove Webalta start page, you must install a blank homepage by clicking on the button «Empty», then confirm with «Accept», «OK».

3. Remove the service wrecker

Now we have to get rid of the culprit of your changes — «Webalta Service». Go to the «Start» menu, type in the «Run» command: «sc delete Webalta Service». You also need to search for «webalta» on your computer and delete the files detect.

4. Clean the registry
Go to «Start» in the empty field, type «regedit» without the quotes. In the Registry Editor, click on «Edit» and then «Find.» In the window that appears, type «webalta». You must delete all entries containing the word «webalta». In order to make sure that all entries are removed, you should make another search in the Registry Editor, in which you are now.

5. Check the Windows services
The next step is to check your Windows services. To do this, go to «Start», «Run.» In the empty field, type «msconfig». In the «System Configuration» tab, select «Services» and search for «WebalteService», if you find, remove the checkmark.

6. Restart your computer
After completing all written above, restart your computer to save the settings. The next time obsession page appears your browser. All is ready. You’ve spent a bit of time to read articles and implementation of the proposed actions, while acquiring new experience. You now know how to remove Webalta of Google Chrome and better control of your browser and operating system.

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