How to remove Yandex visual bookmarks in different browsers

By | 24.04.2016

visual bookmarks Yandex

How can I remove visual bookmarks Yandex?

Visual Bookmarks from Yandex — a very useful tool in the browser, be it Firefox, Opera or Internet Explorer. However, it is sometimes necessary to remove them or replace with another, similar in function extension (for example, Fast Dial for Mozilla Firefox).

If you too are inclined to this idea, that is, you do not want in their browser bookmarks Yandex contemplate graphics, follow the instructions downstream. It will help you not only to correctly perform the removal of the application of the most popular Internet browsers, but also save links to favorite sites remaining in favorites, change your homepage settings.

To export the addresses of sites of visual bookmarks?

Did you enjoy visual bookmarks for quite a long time, and you have already formed a solid collection of links to your favorite websites. Of course, it could and should be saved. Why leave such a good for nothing?

  1. Open the main browser (you use regularly).
  2. Right-click on the page with visual tabs. And click on the context menu option «How to save …».
  3. In the window that appears, navigate to the folder where you want to save the bookmark, give the name of the file with links.
  4. Under «File Type» select one of the options:
    • «The format HTML» — to import addresses into a different browser, or the same — but in a different extension or predefined bookmarks;
    • «Text File» — for links in a text document with the .txt extension in the form of a list (opens Windows Notepad).

export bookmarks

Now your favorite web resources is definitely not lost!

The procedure for removal from the visual bookmarks Yandex Browser

Mozilla Firefox

1. Press the key combination «Ctrl + Shift + A», or go to the main menu, the FF «Tools» and go to the «Extras» section.

2. In order to remove the visual bookmarks, click the item «Extensions» from the vertical list of options on the left side of the page.


3. Locate the application «Visual Bookmarks» and click its toolbar button «Delete».

Important elements of Firefox Yandex removed the same way.

4. Clear your browser cache and history (Ctrl + Shift + Del).

5. Click the «Settings» in the «Tools» section of the main menu. And then in the «When starting …» (the «Basic») option set to «Show my home page.»

6. Under «Home page,» enter the email address search engine you want to use. If you are satisfied with the search engine Yandex, leave this setting unchanged.

7. Restart Firefox.

Google Chrome

1. Click the left mouse button on the «Customize and control …» ( «three horizontal bars» icon — the right of the search box).

2. Select «Settings» and click on the sub-menu (on the left under «the Chrome» inscription) «Extensions».

3. Click the icon «dustbin», «Visual Bookmarks» in the Application bar. It is located right on the «Enabled» option.


4. Clean your cache and history of visited pages (the button «Settings …» >> «More tools …» >> «Data Delete»).

5. Restart your Google Chrome.


1. Go to the main menu ( «Opera» button in the upper left corner).

2. Click the «Advanced» section.

3. Remove the «Visual Bookmarks» and «Elements» Yandex system.

Warning: Links to the search engine services ( «Market», «Maps,» etc.) from the Opera Speed Dial can be removed selectively. Right-click on the menu item you want to remove, and activate the «Delete.»

screenshot 2

4. To remove / change the search engine, simultaneously press «Alt + P» or go to the menu «Settings». The option «When you start …» enable «Open a certain page» and setting «Set this page» enter the address of the searcher.

Internet Explorer

To change the IE home page interface, along with the adjustment of the internal settings are also used, and regular Windows tools.

1. Press the «Win» or «Start» button (the big OS icon).

2. Click «Control Panel».

3. Run option in the «Programs» section — «Uninstall a program».

4. In the list of programs installed on your PC find the application «Yandex Elements for Internet Explorer».

screenshot 3

5. Click the right button, and then in the menu that appears, select «Delete.»

6. To change the home page in the «Tools» menu, open the last item — «Internet Options.» On the «General» tab in the «Home» address select the search engine that you intend to use when web surfing. Then click «Apply» button and «OK».

Attention! If you are going to use the search engine Yandex, you do not need to change this option. Even if visual bookmarks will be removed anyway, at startup, in IE will display its page.

7. Restart Internet Explorer.
That’s all — delete bookmarks! Now, it’s time to think about how to organize a new version of the interface in the browser to use saved links.

Comfortable travel over the Internet to you, dear reader!

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