How to remove V9 Portal Site virus from your computer

By | 07.04.2016

V9 Portal Site
Recently there has been a real boom in the so-called redirect viruses. This virus, which, as the name suggests, redirects the browser client computers to specific web pages. One of these viruses — V9 Redirect Virus, otherwise known as the V9 Portal Site. It replaces the page, which starts the browser at, which the user is not necessary.

The main danger of such viruses is that they open up the system to penetrate much more malware. In addition, the slips of the reference sent by users on non-secure resources, which, too, can pick up all sorts of «sores».
What do you do to the poor user who one day discovered that the browser instead of the usual weather or news pages forecast sends it to the unknown Portal Site? Remove immediately!

Remove from the system is quite simple. The problem is that many do not consider it dangerous. In fact, anti-virus software did not «see», ie when the system does not check signals to the user of the existence of a threat. The reason is simple: the virus enters a computer with the file downloaded from the Internet, even if the antivirus is something beeped, in most cases, the user allows the continuation of the file — it is necessary to install the downloaded program, or are looking for a long time to open a book. After this, the antivirus program makes the list of allowed and not perceive it as a threat.

Well, how to remove V9 Portal Site under such conditions? Manually.

Option one — optimistic

It is to thoroughly clean the system from the slightest mention of the virus. To do this, using any file manager to find and delete all the files and folders that contain the title and full name in parts V9 Portal and It is worth checking the list of installed programs, and through the Control Panel — Programs and Features. Delete files best with administrator rights (right-click menu, «(Running) as administrator» option).

After that, it is necessary to remove V9 and all its components from the registry by using the button Start — Run — regedit. We’ll have to clean up all the keys and values ​​of the parameters, refer to this virus.

After that, it’s worth checking the list of startup of the system, called msconfig, from the same point to Start menu. On the Startup tab, simply uncheck (tick) against claims, mentioning V9.

Final stage: go to every browser and reset to the default. After that, check the labels of each of them and make sure that the line «object» is written the path to the executable file «nazvanie_brauzera.exe» if a line appears some other name, replace the labels.

You can then restart the computer to check which page opens when you start the browser.

Option Two — pessimistic

In advanced cases, usually, if the virus for a long time with impunity in the system, all of the above may or may not help. The files are not deleted or not, regardless of the admin rights, the labels do not change, and the browser settings are not reset. This means that Windows has spoiled the virus, and bears little resemblance to its original state.

In this case, there is only one reliable way to remedy the situation (except reinstalling Windows, of course) — rollback system. This is done through the Control Panel — Restore (system). Windows will open a dialog box that allows the user to select a restore point — snapshot of the system at a certain date. Choose need one that will definitely be on time is to contamination. It remains to act in accordance with the Restore Wizard instructions and do not touch the computer until the operating system will not write that it is possible to do.

Recovery — virtually trouble-free way, since replacing the existing copy of the OS, which was recorded at the time of the selected date during recovery, so that all the harmful effects of the virus (as well as the virus itself) it lacks.

Whichever means had to be applied, it is necessary to make sure that the virus is no longer in the system. Otherwise, sooner or later, have to ever again perform all these actions, or simply reinstall the entire operating system.

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