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By | 07.04.2016

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Sponsorship — another colorful example of applications that appear on the computer inadvertently or user carelessness. This is another virus that is installed together with another more desired program.

In fact, as the majority says, «I really need this file!» Or: «Well, I have to install this program !!!» And what is there requests to make changes to the system and how many times — remains unaddressed.

As a result — the strange behavior of the computer, incomprehensible activity of unknown applications, and in the worst case — the operating system reinstallation.

Concrete copy is prescribed in all browsers and changes their home page. «Incidentally,» collects data from all the cookie-files and other user personal data and sends someone unknown, nor have most of these modules makes it possible to use massive computer virus attacks.

Sponsorship — viral iceberg

Remove Sponsorship, as well as all similar worms, it is not so simple. More precisely, not so much difficult as long and boring.

As usual, the standard Remove Programs from the Control Panel to sense will not: the virus is always active, and therefore, unavailable uninstaller.

Search Antivirus is also the result will not. Why? Because the user himself has given permission to make changes to your computer. Anti these permissions applied, and now with his point of view very well.

You can try to use the well-known search tools and remove viruses: AVZ, Dr.Web CureIt. However, their effectiveness is also not 100%.

The most interesting is that the Sponsorship is associated with the application or Dealply DSite, and the page in the browser, it is a substitute. This trick is further deceives Virus Scan. After a user is looking for one thing, you need to remove completely different!

Removal of the pest

Copes with Sponsorship Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool — a free utility to scan for viruses. It does not disrupt regular antivirus and user permissions are not deceived. In addition, it can be removed and a running application.

The procedure for the removal of such small backbiters hand almost standard.

  1. Through the Task Manager to find and stop all processes that contain the words in the titles and Sponsorship Dealply or DSite.
  2. Through the Administration — Services to stop all services with the same name.
  3. Run msconfig, (Start — Run) and remove from startup (uncheck) all the processes that contain the names of the same words, reboot.
  4. Delete the program folder. Most likely, the virus is in the Program Files folder, but if there is not found, it is possible to find a label and in its properties to see that the «object» is written in a row. In words, just, in fact — slyly. Find the label is likely to succeed only through a systematic search or use a third-party file managers such as Total Commander, using as a parameter the address bar search for a piece of home page in a browser virus. Remove all necessary folders and files whose names are mentioned Sponsorship, Dealply and DSite.
  5. Clean or reset the browser settings and remove old labels, making new ones, from the executables, and not the object of turning the virus.
  6. Start the Registry Editor (Start — Run — regedit) and delete any entries that contain Sponsorship and all the other components. Reboot.

So removed Sponsorship virus — lots of monotonous and tedious manipulations. Therefore, the only recommendation is that it would be desirable to owners of computers — to carefully read system messages during the installation of the software, not to agree to the changes introduced by the wrong program, which is installed, and some obscure, attached to it, objects. The second recommendation — download software only from sites tested, giving trouble to spend a little time searching.

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