How to remove the virus from your computer — general principles and recommendations

By | 27.04.2016

How to clean your computer from viruses — general advice

The earlier start to treatment of viruses, the more chances to get out of the battle victorious with minimal losses. For this reason, even if you suspect a virus, for example, if the computer started to slow down, for a long time to load or off, not the first time comes into folders or the Internet, you should scan your computer for viruses. In the case of virus detection should be removed, if disinfection fails File. In most cases, the computer hit the so-called Trojans. How to get rid of the Trojan? — you ask. Let us not dwell on just how to remove the Trojan from the computer, because the treatment is no different from the treatment of the remaining viruses.

Do not forget that the installed antivirus software, even the most expensive and feature-rich — not a panacea. None of the antivirus does not even theoretically capable of 100% protect your computer from virus infection. It is therefore necessary to be careful and stick to the basic rules to protect your computer from viruses , not to pick up the virus. Anti-Virus only reduces the risk of infecting your computer, but does not eliminate it. Below I will show you how to remove the virus from your computer without having to reinstall the Windows .

There are several basic options for the behavior of an infected computer:

— The computer is acting weird, slow, showing other signs of infection, or will not boot normally, and it is possible to load in safe mode .

— The computer shows signs of infection in the normal mode, in safe mode will not load .

— The computer does not boot either normally or in safe.

For each method of treatment of computer viruses will be slightly different. Now it’s time to consider them in detail.

How to remove the virus from your computer, if it is possible to load into safe mode.

Perhaps I’ll start with the simplest case, when the computer is possible to load in normal and safe mode. So get down to the computer treatment!

1. Starting up in safe mode

2. Clean the hard disk of debris . Detailed instructions in the article How to clean the debris from the C drive

3. Check the Startup menu . To do this, go to the menu Start — All Programs — Startup and ideally there should not be anything. If you delete all the shortcuts from there, nothing bad will happen. The most that can happen — some programs will no longer run when you start the Windows . But this can be easily solved in the settings of the program or by its reinstallation. Some viruses pose hidden shortcuts in the Startup menu. Therefore, before cleaning the need to show hidden and system files and folders .

4. Check the registry (for advanced users) . If you are not confident in their abilities, you can skip this step. So, start the Registry Editor (in Windows XP, : Start — Run , type the command regedit ; in Windows 7 : in the Start menu search box, type the command regedit and press the Enter ).

It is necessary to check the threads автозагрузки: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\


Software \ the Microsoft \ the Windows \
CurrentVersion \ the Run

Software \ the Microsoft \
the Windows the NT \
CurrentVersion \ the Winlogon
, HKEY_ the LOCAL _ the MACHINE \ Software \ the Microsoft \ the Windows the NT \ CurrentVersion \ the Winlogon If you find there are suspicious programs, remove suspicious registry keys. First of all with the utmost care should be taken to the keys, the values that begin with C: \ users \ or the C: \ the Documents and the Settings \ .

5. Check the file is the Hosts . Read more in the article do not access antivirus sites . In principle, you can skip this step and, shifting the check for anti-virus, but I still prefer to check manually. You also need to take into account that the virus can create multiple file hosts file . Details in the article is not possible to modify the hosts file .

6. Scan your computer and remove viruses using a utility CureIt from DrWEB or antivirus utilities the AVZ .

7. Download the computer in normal mode.

Computer Virus Removal, if the computer does not boot into safe mode.

As if in a safe mode boot is not possible, but in the normal mode, the computer somehow works, you can try to recover the boot safe mode. You will need a free utility for the treatment of viruses the AVZ . You can download it here .

Run the utility. Go to the menu File — System Restore . Select the items as shown below, and then click Execute selected operations .

Now close the utility and reboot your computer in safe mode. In safe mode, do all of the items from the list in the previous section.

The computer will not boot in any of the modes

If the computer is not loaded in any of the modes, the easiest way to reinstall Windows XP from a disc , install Windows 7 from a USB drive or call a specialist computer service.
If you have installed Windows XP , you can try to perform a soft reset. Instruction in the first part of this article .

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