How to remove the virus hosts (clean hosts file)?

By | 24.04.2016

hosts virus

How to remove virus setting from the hosts system file

Host — the system text file that is used to translate domain names into the specified network addresses, or IP. It is a kind of ad hoc network add-in, but can be used both for good and for malicious purposes. There is a certain category of viruses that modify the hosts file to block access to certain web resources (eg, ofsayta antivirus companies), or redirect the user to malicious or advertising pages.

Behavior and virus symptoms «hosts»

Pierce viruses, as well as their other «cousins» through infected software installers, special startup scripts on web pages, and other hacking tricks. Quite often, installing «infection» is disguised as system errors. In the message box appears on the screen, which allegedly revealed an error in the performance of any script or command. Puzzled by the user, loss, shakes «OK» (the other buttons do not!) And opens his own «door» malware in the operating system. A file called hosts instantly mutates and begins a series of troubles for the user …

On the surface the system is stable — does not slow down, do not hang. But it is the user to open a Web browser, all the «ailments» crawl out. And they show themselves as follows:

blocked page in Google Chrome
  • when you try to enter the social network, or any other popular online resource appears the error «Page not available»;
  • domain (name) of the site does not correspond to reality: for example, when typing in the address bar a page with a lot of advertising banners or other site, has nothing in common with the social network.

Many users, seeing on the screen one of these pictures, did not give it a value. Soothe yourself thinking «this is something they have happened on the server,» «Today, the Internet bad» and stuff like that …

Well, if so. And if the file is infected? Then the problem will not go away by itself and in an hour and ten. We need to act: to remove from the hosts virus updates, in other words, to give it the old look.

hosts file Treatment

How to find and what program open?

Before you remove the virus hosts, you must first get to him. Open the folder sequentially in that order (for Windows 7 and XP):

Drive C (or another drive that contains the operating system) → Windows → System32 → drivers → etc

hosts directory

It is in the «etc» and is host directory. But do not rush to remove it from your computer! It is not removed and treated, and easily. And then, perhaps, you have not once or twice do a good job (see. The last chapter of this article).

Host does not expand, but it contains text information. Therefore, it is possible to open the «Notepad» application system without problems and thus recover properly.

Let’s do it.
1. Being «etc» folder, click on the file, right-hosts.

context menu

2. In the context menu, select «Open» or «Open With.»

3. In the list of programs that can open the file, click «Notepad» and click «OK».

program selection

In the «Notepad» appears content hosts. It is necessary to review, analyze and remove any virus superstructure.

How to check?

In pure, that is in the «healthy», hosts file, except the lines starting with «#» symbol, nothing more. With rare exception only when some trusted programs leave it in your settings.

contents of uninfected hosts

But when there was a virus attack, you must be especially vigilant.

infected hosts
  • The line with the IP-address and the domain name of the site (, et al.) Redirects to another site.
  • The line starting with, blocking access to the site.

If any show up, they definitely need to be removed.

How to clean?

1. Hold down the left mouse button, select the cursor all the records put forward to the virus.

removal of virus settings

2. Right-click on the entries. «Delete» Click on the menu.

saving changes

3. Save the file to the changed settings to take effect. At the top of «Notepad» window, click File → Save.

4. Close the «Notepad». Restart the OS. Open your browser and check access to the sites.

Additional measures and prevention

Unfortunately, it may happen that the virus all your efforts to clean hosts can be reduced to «no» (the sites are still rip will not). But, nevertheless, the hands should not lose.

Additionally, use the following procedure:
1. Check partitions (system required!) Curing utility Dr.Web CureIt !, Free Anti-Malware and Virus Removal Tool (Kaspersky).

Pre-set the scan settings, anti-virus program checks the boot sector (the MBR), memory, identifying rootkits and enable a high level detection (detection) viruses.

Avira settings

2. Update your antivirus signature base core that protects your PC from malicious intrusions constantly. Also check the basic settings.

For example, antivirus protection Avira hosts special attention. Its tuning panel has a special setting to «protect the host file.»

The helpful hosts?

Hosts included in a group of custom settings, and is indispensable in solving the following tasks:

Blocking network connection — a software application — server / site

Many programs periodically turn to their «native» resources to update the data sent. For the user, this operation is not always easy to use: spent traffic, slows down page loading, no load control data.

Passing all program settings and firewall rules to limit access to them directly in the hosts file, add the following line: <domain resource name> (for example,

Exercise control over the visiting web resources

Similarly, the blocked and access to certain sites: pornography, questionable, social networks, etc. It all depends on the purpose of limitation — parental controls, office or educational PC..

We host have precedence over DNS-servers (services, assigns domain names IP-addresses), so your PC will initially follow his instructions to create a network connection.

Watch out for the host file, configure it correctly, and your computer will still «OK». Enjoy your internet connection!

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