How to remove Vebaltu Webalta search system from your computer?

By | 11.04.2016


How to remove Vebaltu of all browsers?

Without search engines on the internet anywhere. They are the first assistants to user: Google, Bing, Yandex — it all depends on the tasks and, of course, the user’s liking. But the trouble is that there are other «searchers» (yes, in quotes!) — Is extremely dubious and far from unsafe — such as Webalta. Hardly throughout Runet syschesh at least one user who would have liked the service and that they would have enjoyed. Moreover — it is associated with only negative emotions.

Owners and partners Vebalta to promote his creation using «black» methods. Toolbar search engine is distributed in the network using a virus, adware, «cunning» packers and installers. The owner of the PC, not knowing anything, opens an infected web page or clicks the «Install» button, and then in all browsers detect the proverbial search Webalta system.

Ultimately: is annoyed, users are scratching their heads over how to remove webalta from the computer, the authors truly predatory and perfidious project Warm hands on a new source of network traffic.

So, if this plague to cling to your PC, be patient and follow the steps below.

Warning: If you have no desire to delve into the depths of the operating system, or you are not sure that you will do the right thing, then try to use to remove spets.utilitami vebalty: avast! Browser Cleanup or Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. But it happens sometimes that the «cleaner» can not cope with this task (it all depends on the particular case of infection with the OS). Then you better call your specialist to configure your PC!

Removal Instructions

1. Review the list of installed programs, remove all objects in the title which appears the name of the viral search engine:

  • Open the «Start» menu and go to «Control Panel»;
  • go to the option «Uninstall a program»;
  • review the list of an installed software on the availability Webalta. All the detected objects, regardless of their type (toolbar, desktop application, utility) must be removed.

screenshot 1

2. Scan the system by regular operating system tools to get rid of the remaining files and folders Vebalta:

  • click on the icon «My Computer» or press the key combination «Win» + «E»;
  • in the upper right part of the window that opens, type in the search box «webalta», and press «ENTER»;
  • Wait for the scan and remove any objects with respect to intrusive service.

screenshot 2

3. Clean the registry.

  • in line panel «Start» enter «regedit»;
  • LK click button will appear with the utility shortcut list «Programs»;
  • Open the submenu «Edit» editor and select «Find …»;
  • in the line «Find:» write «Webalta» and click «Find Next»;
  • all found records that have the name of the search engine advertising, must be removed.

registry Cleaner

4. Analyze the properties of labels of all browsers, which only exist in the system, subject to third-party entries in the «Object».

  • move the cursor on the icon, click the right mouse button;
  • menu, select «Properties»;
  • analyze the record in the «Object» line: all third-party links must be removed (if present).

screenshot 3
screenshot 4

5. Go to the menu each browser settings and set the option «Home» link on the search engine in which you prefer to work.

  • Of Firefox: «Tools» >> «Settings» >> tab «Basic»;
  • Google Chrome: «Setting up and management of …» (icon in the form of three strips) >> «Settings» >> See «Start a group» option «add» / section «Appearance» option to «change»;
  • Internet Explorer: «Tools» >> «Internet Options» >> «General»;
  • Opera: the main menu (the symbol browser) >> «Settings» >> «General …» >> tab «Basic» setup >> «Home:».

Attention! These five steps can be enough to completely remove from the system vebaltu. Restart your PC and check the operation of browsers. If all is well — on that, okay! And if not — I mean wonderful search engine again on the screen — follow the second part of the manual: it is designed for particularly severe cases.

6. Scan the code of hotel Internet Explorer files for the presence of vebalta references (various cleaning methods used for each browser).

Mozilla Firefox:

  • Open the main menu «Help».
  • Select «Information for solutions …».

screenshot 5

Click «View Folder.»

screenshot 6

Locate the file folder FF sessionstore.js and open it with a text notepad Notepad or AkelPad (you can use the system, but it is not so easy to work).

screenshot 7

  • Activate the search function (Ctrl + F).
  • Write in the line «Find:» service name — «webalta».
  • Start scanning ( «Find everything in this …» button).

screenshot 8

Go to the line where it finds a malicious link: it must be removed, but instead enter the link to the search engine acceptable to you.

screenshot 9

Edit carefully without breaking the code syntax: Useful links must be enclosed in quotes.

screenshot 10

Save the file (otherwise the changes will not take effect!).
Locate the prefs.js file and do it in the same steps as in sessionstore.js.

screenshot 11

Google Chrome:

  • configure Windows so that you can see hidden files and folders ( «Start» >> «Control Panel» >> «Folder Options»);
  • Click on the system partition (C drive) folder «Users»;
  • go to your profile ( «User Name»);
  • Follow in the path of the directory browser AppData >> Local >> Google >> Chrome >> User Data >> Default;
  • get the «Preferences» file and open it in Notepad;
  • Use the search function to find and remove malicious tricks vebalty. Do not forget to instead register link to «correct» the search engine.
  • save the file.

screenshot 12


  • in the line «Start» menu, write% WINDIR%;
  • in the open window in the search (option at the top right) enter operaprefs;
  • run the scan ( «ENTER» key);
  • all system files found with the word «operaprefs» (as a rule, they have the extension .ini), also open in Notepad and scan for any mention of Webalta. All found records to be deleted, respectively.

screenshot 13
screenshot 14

Now, after the global cleaning and «surgical intervention» in the code, you must restart Windows and run alternately every browser. If all the above steps have been performed correctly, the search engine will disappear samoustanovivshiysya harmful. Out of sight and out of the system too!

If everything is «OK!», Breath of relief, dear user — because your PC healthy. And continue to be careful during the install software and Internet surfing.

And advised to read how you can remove home page .

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