How to remove Tweets on Twitter: all at once or one by one

By | 27.04.2016

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How to remove several tweets on Twitter?

Each user of the social network Twitter (Twitter) at least once, but faced with the task — to remove several tweets; and that not a few, and all 20,30, 50 … 100. Of course, clean up the tape just a few records — a trifling matter. One click, and the other — is ready. After a minute or two, as if there was nothing at Twitter.

But what to do, so to speak, with high volumes of data? When, in a fit of emotion navayal Nemer any tweets ponazagruzhali all-different photos and do not forget about the retweets, and then realized that all this nonsense and utter stupidity. Yes, too late! And the people, «shastaet» on page: curiosity, reading. How to stop chirping nightingale tvitteroobraznogo?

Immediately it should be noted that without automation of the process is not enough. And then, who knows how many hours, days and nights, you will have to delete records manually in Twitter. To reflect, and then scared …

Let’s look at online services-that help again to remove all the «improper conduct» with the account — without wasting valuable time and effort.


1.Zaydite your login / password to Twitter.

2. Open a new tab in the browser.

3. Enter address bar, then press «Enter».

4. Set the «Russian», «Select Language» drop-down menu.

service interface language selection

5. Click «Start» (the English version of the interface — Get Started). It is located on the right side of TwitWipe logo image.

launch TwitWipe

6. Enter the captcha (words and numbers in the image below) in the «Your Answer». Then click «Continue».

7. Open the service access to your account on Twitter (otherwise not be able to delete the tweet). Click «Authorize».

authorization and the opening of access to the account

8. Wait for a while until redirect to TwitWipe site.

9. The service will ask you to confirm the cleaning tape. Before you delete all tweets properly once more consider whether to conceive this event. If you still dare, Mouse clicking the red button «Yes».

confirmation to delete tweets

10. «Cleaning» operating TwitWipe, at any time you can pause by pressing the «Pause».

progress in clearing account Twitter

11. Upon completion of the removal of (progress strip is completely painted in green color), activate the button «Exit» to exit the service.

Now your Twitter profile is clean and fresh — as in the first days after the registration.

Delete Multiple Tweets

1. Open the site in a browser —

2. The name of the service click on the link «Sign in whith your Twitter …» (green button).

run Delete Multiple Tweets

3. Perform forwarding to Twitter. Under the request (whether Delete Twitlan open access to the personal page), enter the username / password of your account in the social network. Click «Login».

4. After the authorization, the tab reappears application site. Set in the drop-down menu, how many tweets you want to remove (eg, 101-150 Tweets).

setting clear, activating delete function

5. To clean the tape started information, click the button «Delete the Tweets».

6. Close all tabs, clear the cache in the browser. Again, go to Twitter — tweets already there will not be (assuming that you have done everything correctly).

Other applications and services

Of course, naTwitWipe and Delete Multiple Tweets list of «cleaners» Twitter is not limited, there are other software solutions.


Advanced service, with a solid set of useful settings. In addition to the removal of tweets can still:

  • clean private messages;
  • to clean the profile on the set hashtags and mentions specified time.

DLTTR — Deleter

The app for smartphones (iPhone and Android). Available on the AppStore and Google Play services. It destroys tweets in any quantity, and most importantly, free.

Let your account will always be only useful tweets. Enjoy use of social network.

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