How to remove and dispose of application Search Protect

By | 24.04.2016

How to remove from the browser start page

Address create fake search engine on the starting (home) page browsers prescribes at least fake web tool called Search Protect by Conduit. Not only is it an arbitrary set in the operating system without permission, through «quiet installation», so more and diligently «cares» about how to did not disappear from the settings. In other words, as if the user may try to modify the standard options in the browser, and «fake search engine» will still be open at the start.

To remove from the system, it is necessary to use not only the built-in Windows functions, but also additional software. Downstream guide will tell you how to properly and effectively put into practice. That is to eradicate the «digital contagion» once and for all from the bowels of the operating system.

Let us not procrastinate! Start cleaning.

Removal of Search Protect

1. «Start» menu, activate ( «the Win» key).

2. Go to «Control Panel».

3. Click on «Remove Programs» function in the panel window.


4. Single-click the right mouse button on «Search Protect». Click the «Delete» button located in the panel above the list.

5. The uninstall window, select «Continue uninstall», then click on the button «Next».


6. Press the «Uninstall».

7. After uninstall, close Remove Programs panel.

Important Elements of Search Protect and browser hijacker trovi may be lurking on the C drive in the Program Files directory and Program Files (x86), in XTab folder. In case of open it and run the uninstall file. Then remove the remaining elements and the folder itself.

Check Disk utility AdwCleaner

1. Enter into your browser — Press the «Enter» key.

download page

Warning! Under no circumstances do not use, to find on the Internet utility AdwCleaner. From this dubious any service can be expected, a greater degree of bad.

2. Press the button «Download Now …» On the page downloads.

3. Run the downloaded utility administrator. (Install is not necessary in its system).

utilities run

4. Wait until the update is complete AdwCleaner modules. click «Scan» in the utility panel.

5. When completed:

  • view all tabs (the «Services», «Folders», etc.), all utility found objects;
  • Exclude trusted files and registry keys (unless you are 100% sure that they are not a virus);
  • Click «Clear» to remove the virus and suspicious elements in the system.

Clear browser

Reset Browser Cleanup utility

1. Open the page in the browser —

2. In the vertical menu on the left side of the Web page, go to: PC / Notebook → Additional solutions → Browser Cleanup.

3. Click «Download.»

4. Run the downloaded installer as administrator.

5. In the «Avast! … «Click» Install «and then» Finish «(at the end of the installation).

Warning: Allow the network connection in the firewall utility for BCUUpdate.exe update module.

6. Go to the «Start» menu and launch the Browser Cleanup.

7. Open the «Internet Explorer» tab, remove all the suspicious add-ons: click «Delete.»

Browser Cleanup

8. Activate the «Reset» (in the same tab).


9. In a further panel in the drop-down menu, select the search engine that you want to see on the home page of the browser.

10. Click on the button «Clear free» To get rid of all the malicious settings.

Note. If the system is installed Google Chrome and Firefox, please follow the items on the respective tabs №7-9 utility (see. The vertical menu on the right).

Checking the labels properties

View the properties of browser shortcuts:

  • right click on the icon;
  • select «Properties»;
  • in the «Subject:» after recording <browser name> .exe «remove all third-party links and instructions, if any;
  • Click «Apply» and «OK».

Analysis startup

  1. In the «Start» menu bar, type search — msconfig; Press «Enter».
  2. In the «System Configuration», open the «Startup» tab.
  3. Disable any suspicious items (clean around them «tick» click of a mouse).
  4. Click «Apply» and «OK».
  5. Select «Exit without restart.»

Cleaning the registry

  1. Open the «Run» by pressing the key combination «Win + R».
  2. In the «Open» box, type — regedit. Click «OK».
  3. In the editor window, run the search module: Edit → Find.
  4. In the line «Find» specify the name lzhepoiskovika — trovi.
  5. Start the scan button «Find Next.»
  6. Remove the malicious entry: right click → Delete.
  7. Continue scanning: Press «F3».
  8. Check out all the branches of the registry.
  9. Repeat scanning and cleaning procedure (items №3-8) by search protect and Conduit needs.


Check the system partition curing utility Dr.Web CureIt! Remove from the OS unused files and registry keys-cleaner program CCleaner. Update the base of the main antivirus.

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