How to remove a torrent from the computer completely (files and programs)?

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How to remove the torrent and the program uTorrent from your PC

Torrent client — a program that supports the BitTorrent network protocol for faster downloads. It is an integral part of the «gentleman’s kit» program marked «Respect!». Some users are so accustomed to the comfort of «torrent» technology, which in general hardly imagine the Internet without its participation (ie network BitTorrent).

However, sometimes it becomes necessary to remove the torrent (a file that coordinates the network connections via the tracker) or torrent client (system application). Let us consider in detail the example of the popular client uTorrent, how to correctly perform these actions.

Selective removal of torrents

1. Open the uTorrent program.

2. Right-click in the list of hands on the torrent, which is necessary to get rid of.

Remove torrent file

3. In the context menu of the application select the «Delete selectively.»

4. In the submenu, select the suitable removal option:

  • «Only the torrent file» — delete only item from the list, and downloaded content (software, games, movies) will remain on your hard drive the PC;
  • «… And the downloaded files» — completely deleted data and downloaded a torrent file;
  • «But the downloaded data» — content will disappear, and the torrent will still be in the client list.

Uninstalling the Client

Method №1: the standard treatment

1. Right-click on the icon in the system tray uTorrent (the icons in the lower right corner of the display).

uTorrent menu

2. Remove the launch customer of the startup (if the appropriate settings have been made):

  • Open the «Start» (click on «the Windows» icon on the Taskbar);
  • in the «Search programs …», type the command — msconfig;
  • Press «Enter»;
  • in the tuning panel «System Configuration», go to the «Startup» section;
  • remove the «check mark» next to uTorrent element (left-click);
  • Click «Apply» and «OK»;
  • close the window without restarting Windows.

3. Activate the built-in uninstaller:

run the uninstaller
    • cnova go to «Start» and open the «Control Panel»;
    • in the «Programs» section, click the «Delete …»;
  • in the software list, left-click on the name of the client;
  • click at the top of the directory function «Delete»;
  • Confirm uninstall activation: Activate the setting «Delete settings» in the additional window, if you want to remove from your computer all the elements of the application, and click «OK».
Remote setup

Note. The default installer uTorrent installs additional tools in the operating system (for example, version 3.4.4 is that of «Share It»). They are removed from the system in a similar way: Start → Control Panel → Programs → Uninstall a Program.

Method №2: removal tool, uninstaller

(Example Soft Organizer)

Note. This method is recommended if for any reason the program is not removed in a standard way, or require scrupulous cleaning of the system (including the registry).

1. In the Soft Organizer, in the Software Catalog, click on the name of the client program.

Soft Organizer

2. Activate the command «Uninstall a program».

3. When will the standard uninstallation (see. The method №1), press the function «Find» to search for undelete files.

4. After scanning, click «Remove» to clean up the operating system found traces of the torrent client.

5. Click «Finish». Close the utility window.

Caution Regardless of the method used uninstall the client, they all downloaded files remain intact in these directories (folders and system partitions).

If you want to remove uTorrent because of the abundance of advertising windows …

That you can do without uninstalling, it is only to remove the ad units from the interface, and the torrent client to leave the system for further use.

Perform these settings as follows:

option torrent client
  1. In the torrent client, see «Settings» menu, select «Preferences» or press the key combination «Ctrl + P».
  2. Go to «Advanced».
  3. Disable option (click the left mouse button on the radio button option → «No»):
    • offers.left_rail_offer_enabled
    • offers.sponsored_torrent_offer_enabled
    • gui.show_plus_upsell
  4. Press «Ok». If the settings are done correctly, advertising will completely disappear from the client interface.

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