How to remove Top Page with your computer: a solution in 5 steps

By | 11.04.2016

screensaver to Top Page

How to remove the browser from Top Page

Set Top Page on a PC without the user’s knowledge through a variety of application installers (screensavers, tools for social networks, a mini-game). In appearance they are harmless and inspire confidence. Everything is as usual: the standard start sequence; familiar «Next» button, «Set», «OK».

The trouble starts then — after OS reboot. In all browsers that are only available in the system, there is a home page top-page. Attempts to remove it by changing the software settings, nothing good do not end there — a reference to the service again in the prescribed option.

How to remove Top Page

1. Remove the suspicious software

First we consider the recently installed apps.

For this operation, it is best to use special tools. For example, Revo Uninstaller Pro: it removes all files and registry entries related to a program to be deleted.

Revo Uninstaller Pro

Warning! This can also be done by regular Windows tools. It is necessary to go to the program folder and run the file «Uninstall.exe» (will open a window as in the screenshot).


2. Remove the startup of the emerging third-party files.

Open the «Start» menu and in the «Search programs …» write «msconfig,».
screenshot 2

We analyze the startup items.
screenshot 3

In this case, the originator of the user discomfort — sport.exe. Before you remove it from startup, remember or write down the directory in which it resides. This information will need to perform the step N4.

Remove the check mark next to an application, press the «Apply» button. Next, select the output without having to reboot (it will perform later).

screenshot 4

3. Registry Cleaner

Run the system utility «regedit» (by analogy, as in the previous paragraph instructions).
screenshot 5

Activate the search option «Edit» >> «Find.»
screenshot 6

Enter the name and extension of the file found in the startup, and then click on the button «Find Next.»
screenshot 7

We are looking for entries in the search results, which have «sport.exe» file

screenshot 8
screenshot 9

Warning! The name of the desired object may vary. It should be the same items found in the startup.

4. Get rid of malicious applications

We find the body of the program, establishes the service and delete it. Its location is displayed at startup (see point N2). In this case it is C: \ Windows \
screenshot 10
screenshot 11

5. Change the home page in the browser.

Now you can remove the Top Page from all browsers (you need to go to the settings in the browser start page) — this time intrusive service has disappeared without a trace.

Google Chrome
screenshot 12

screenshot 13

screenshot 14

That’s it! PC released by tricks «programmers-craftsmen» and crafty hackers. And the next time you install anything in the system, watch out.

screenshot 15

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