How to remove System volume information and clean this folder?

By | 27.04.2016

Cleaning System volume information

How to remove System volume information folder?

System volume information — Windows folder, which stores the operating system restore point, the information about the changed office files, settings and options of the system. Also, it can «leave» their data and antivirus utilities optimizers. Many viruses, after the penetration of the PC, the first thing it attacked her, infect existing files in it, camouflage their «modules».

The standard way, without making any additional settings on Windows, clear / delete this directory will not work, even if you try to open it with administrator privileges. By default, it is protected from outside interference. To clear the folder of the system data, you must perform a certain number of operations: open access, to make the current account, etc.

a ban on access to the System volume information

Otherwise, when you try to remove the system volume information, the operating system displays the message «Access Denied» (and hence, the directory is not deleted).

Show hidden folders

As a rule, «System volume information», as well as many other system files and folders, hidden from the eyes of the user. To make it visible, and thus that it can be cleaned, do the following:

1. Click the «My Computer» and click «Win» + «E» (Latin).
2. Press the «Alt».
3. In the upper part of the window, over the options’ Organize, System Properties … «menu. Open the «Tools» section, and then — «Folder Options.»
4. In the settings panel «Folder Options», go to «View».
5. Scroll vertically scrolls the list of options in the block «Advanced Settings».
6. Remove the «bird» in the setting «Hide protected operating system files …».
7. Turn on «Show hidden files …».

folders settings

8. Click «Apply» and «OK.»

Folder is now visible in the directory.


Before uninstalling «System volume information» or its individual elements, you need to access it. That is to tell the system that you (under your user name) are authorized to view / delete / clean the given folder.

1. Set the cursor over the folder «System volume information». Make a right-click.
2. Click «Properties» in the menu.

Windows context menu

3. In the «Properties …» in the «Security» tab, click «Edit».

Security tab

4. Click the ‘Add’.

adding a user

5. In the «Select …» Enter your user name (by which you are logged into the OS).

! Tip If you do not remember your username, click the «Start» menu: it is displayed in the right column, at the top, under the icon «user».

6. Click «Check Names» (Windows will verify the data).
7. Confirm the brought the add button «OK».

8. Go back to the «Security» tab. In the block «Groups and Users», highlight your name (your account).

including access to the folder

9. In the block «Resolution» set the check mark in the column «Enable» next to all options.
10. Press series — «Apply», «OK».

Cleaning / removal «System volume information»

Once access is obtained for a particular user, you can smoothly perform the removal of certain elements of the System volume information.

1. Press the «Win» keys + «PauseBreak» (group of buttons to the right of the F12 key). Or, in the panel «Start,» click «Control Panel» and go to the «System and Security» section, and then — in the «System».
2. In the left column, select the option «System Protection». Click «Customize». On the same tab
3. Enable the option «Delete» (to clean up the restore points, including file / previous versions of files).

Disable System Restore

After purification, this folder will still increase in size, if not turned off in the options of the operating system a mechanism for storing recovery points.
If you do not use the recovery function and prefer to see this directory is empty (without any «cleanings»), perform the following steps:

Disable OS Restore

1. Press the «Win» + «Break».
2. Click «System Protection.»
3. In the «Properties …» then click «Configure …».
4. Turn on the mouse click the radio button «Turn off system protection.»
5. Click «Apply», then «OK».

Purification on a flash drive

1. Open the «Notepad», create a new file.
2. Type the following commands (each on a new line):

del «X: \ the System the Volume Information Part»
the rd «X: \ the System the Volume Information Part»
pause The

Instead of «X» section, type the connected USB-stick (I, F, or another letter).
3. Save the file (with the extension .bat) — <filename> .bat (specify any name in Latin letters).
4. Start created a bat file by double-clicking the mouse.
5. In the command line console, confirm removal activation: enter «Y» (Yes).

a request to the operating system command line

Then, on a flash drive «System Volume Information» cleansed.

Periodically check the size and contents of the directory to restore the data, and where appropriate remove it from unwanted files and folders. Observe hygiene OS. She secured the maximum speed of your PC.

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