How to remove your photos from Instagram

By | 08.04.2016

Who knows why it wanted to remove photos previously posted on the Internet? Maybe it seems a bad photo or just bored? Maybe there were more interesting picture you want to share. And maybe, the user decided to change the theme of the gallery and some pictures under it do not fit. Anyway, the reasons may be many, and ways to remove the photo, only one or two.

Instagram — support for demonstration of photos, so everything in it thoughtfully in this direction, but to delete functions is much less. The second reason for its low functionality is that it was originally developed by Apple products, ie mobile devices. Whatever the size of the album, remove photos from Instagrama can only find this very picture.

If an album is a large amount, it can create some problems, because the page is displayed at the same time only 16 images. Removing the old, long-uploaded photos, so may take a long time, because after this procedure, the album turned over back to the first page, and to delete the old one still picture, it will have to turn over again.

To get started, go to your profile and find the right photo. You can use the icon «Grouped view», located on the photos, but the Text, on the left. This button lets you view the photo is not of one, but in groups.

Once you find the photo, it is necessary to select and press the button to the right under it, looking like three squares. She will open the Action menu, one of the teams in which — Delete, that is, in fact, delete. Then you will be asked if you really want to delete your picture again by pressing Delete.

Some easier to get rid of the photos have been added recently. It can be found right in the «tape» or when viewing a list of «List view», which is the second button from the left row of buttons with images.

What else you need to know about deleting in Instagrame?

  • The picture can be displayed for a few hours in the application, although it is remote, due to the periodicity of the update server. As well as the link to the image may be available for a few hours.
  • Photo removed completely, ie it can not be recovered, you can only upload again.
  • If the remote picture is displayed more than a day, should contact the support service.

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