How to delete a page in the PDF: two easy ways

By | 27.04.2016

deleting pages the PDF-document

How can I delete a page the PDF-document

PDF — file format. Designed for performance / storage in electronic form of various printing products — books, magazines, documents and drawings, presentations, etc. It was developed by Adobe Systems for more than 20 years ago. To say that pdf format is popular — it’s like that modestly silent. Without it anywhere! Owners of cars MAC and PC actively use its capabilities and benefits countless times a day. No matter, a representative of the profession they are, what your hobbies and interests possessed.

The ability to make adjustments in the pdf-document — cut / delete pages — a very useful skill for the user. Owning this simple science, he can always muddled stream of text and graphics to quickly separate the grains of rational thought from the chaff secondary.

Fortunately, delete a page in pdf can be a variety of ways, including through online service (directly in your browser!) Let’s take a look at its capabilities firsthand.

Editor iPDF2Split

1. Open the page in the browser — «» (without the quotes). Or simply make a request in the search engines — iPDF2Split and go to the first issuance of the resource.
2. Under the black information block settings and get the editor tools (heading «TryiPDF2New …»).
3. Make sure the section «PDF» enabled radio button «File».

delete pages iPDF2

4. Click the button «Select file».
5. In the «Open», navigate to / folder where the pdf file is stored. Next, select it by clicking the mouse.
6. Click «Open.» After that, next to the «Select a file» should appear the name of the selected document.
7. In the «Options» enable «Range» mouse click option. In the next field, enter the page number or page ranges with a hyphen (eg: 5-9), which must be removed.
8. Click the left mouse button over a large «Split» button (to the right of the «Options»).
9. Wait a bit. Online editor will require 2-5 minutes to cope with your task.
10. When you are done, under the Settings panel, you will see the link «Download PDF». Click on it to download a modified file onto your PC.

Tip! Just below the download link is a frame preview of the edited document. Before downloading check it visually: Make sure that iPDF2Split properly deleted the specified page.

Deleting in Adobe Acrobat Pro

ZapustiteAdobe Acrobat Pro. Download the file pdf, in which the page should be removed.
If you want to remove a page (or pages in a row):

1. Click on her arm. The menu in the window next to the arrows «up» and «down» should appear the number of the selected page.

allocation page in Adobe Acrobat

2. «Tools» Open the click of a mouse panel. Go to «Pages».
3. Click «Remove» in the block «Manipulate pages.»

Option & quot; delete & quot;  in Adobe Acrobat

4. In the window «Delete page»:

Remove selected pages
deleted page range selection
  • if you want to remove from pdf document one page — enable the option «Highlighted»;
  • If multiple pages contractors include «C:» and enter in the windows range (how on what to delete).

5. Click «OK».
6. Confirm the action: in the window «? … You want to delete the page …» click «Yes».
7. Open the «File» top menu, select «Save As …».
8. Give the name of the edited file. Specify a path (partition / folder) to save.
9. Click «Save».

If you need to remove some pages selectively (for example: the first, second, tenth):

selective removal
  • Click on the icon «Page Thumbnails» (the first in the sidebar);
  • hold down the «Alt», select the mouse click all the pages;
  • go to the «Tools» menu and follow the same steps as in the case of the removal of a single page.

How to cut the pages in Adobe Acrobat Pro?

1. Select the page (one or more).
2. Open: Tools >> Pages >> Extract (in the «Manipulate pages» section).

cut page

3. In the panel that opens, select a range of pages retrieved (if it is one — enter its number twice in the first and second window). Enable the option «Extract pages as …». Click «OK».
4. In the «Browse for Folder» specify a path cut sheets. Click «OK».

Learn basic these simple instructions and your pdf-documents will become the most that neither is a convenient and comfortable look. To work with them will be much easier!

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