How to delete a page in Odnoklassniki or block it forever

By | 02.04.2016

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How do I delete my page on Odnoklassniki?

Removing personal page on a social network «Classmates» — easy and quick procedure — carried out in just a few clicks away. The main thing to know what, how and where to press. Even if you are not versed in computer issues and are just starting to explore the internet — do not worry, this is not a hindrance. These instructions in a clear and accessible way will tell you how to remove the page in Odnoklassniki — absolutely and completely. And also, what actions need to be taken if an attacker was able to block access to your account.

Let’s start — from simple to more complex situations.

Removing personal page

1. Go to your profile on (enter your login and password).
2. Scroll the mouse wheel down the main page that appears on the screen menu of the website (section «My Page», «Group», etc.)

the lower menu of the site Classmates

3. In the rightmost column ( «Mobile», the first paragraph), press «Schedule».
4. Again, scroll down the page and click on the link «Unsubscribe from service».

Form & quot; cancel the service & quot;

5. In the window that appears, specify the reason due to which you choose to delete a page in Odnoklassniki forever. Install «check box» in front of one of the options (such as «no more than I would like to use social networks»).
6. Type the account password in the appropriate field.
7. To delete a page, click «Delete Forever.»

Warning! Before activating delete function again think about their actions — whether to part with your account or not. All existing content (photos, videos, audio tracks), as well as data (correspondence, ratings, comments), available on it will be destroyed. In addition, you can not restore a deleted page to your classmates. We’ll have to create a new, so to speak, «from scratch».

8. Then, try again to go to your page. If everything was done correctly and adminsisteme classmates managed to correctly remove your personal profile, you will see a message that this account does not exist. What, in principle, should have been done.

What if classmates blocks the virus?

In no case do not try to remove an account, make a new one. And, moreover, send computer villains money to get the unlock code. This problem can and must be solved in another way: the PC is infected — is necessary to remove the virus.

1. Download from the developer of.sayta one of the additional anti-virus utilities (optional):

  • Dr.Web CureIt;
  • Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool;
  • Malwarebytes anti-malware (free version Free).

2. Surely your main antivirus «slept» attack. Turn off the Internet, exit all applications, and then start scanning utility.

Tip! In the settings of the scanner, set the highest mode of detection and verification of all components of the operating system and disk partitions / drives.

If the test does not give a positive result, manually check the hosts file:

hosts file contents
  • open it with the program «Notepad» (located in the folder C: \ Windows \ System32 \ drivers \ etc);
  • delete all records in it after the line « ….» (these lines and redirect the user to a fake page classmates);
  • save the changes made in the hosts file (Ctrl + S);
  • reboot your system, fire up your browser.

What if the page is denied access to the administration?

According to the rules of use of the social network «Odnoklassniki», the administration has the right to block the user, if he places on the page content forbidden by law, spamming, insulting other users in the chat.

But sometimes offenses are committed with the account without the user’s knowledge. This has been a special Trojan taken possession of username and password from the page. It starts automatically send spamnye links on another page / page was acting purposefully and aggressively. As a result, the system detects these illegal actions, and blocks.

In this case, do not panic, do not resort to the help of third-party online resources and «clever» application. All you need to do is to contact the technical support of classmates:

1. Open the browser —
2. At the bottom of the page click on the link «Rules».
3. Scroll mouse wheel rules list and click the «Contact Support».

Contacting Support

4. In a special form in the column «The purpose of treatment» from the drop-down list, select the topic «Profile removed or disabled.»
5. In fields enter your data to prove your ownership of the account — username, full name, E-mail, specified in the profile, and E-mail for communication, etc.
6. Brief but informative, describe the problem. Inform the administration about his innocence to the offense.
7. Check correctly specified all data. Click «Send Message».
8. Expect to answer technical support. He comes to the specified E-mail.

Let your personal account in Odnoklassniki will always be available to you. Enjoy your online communication.

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