How to delete a page in my world forever: step by step instructions

By | 24.04.2016

How can I delete a page in my world?

My world
Over the lifetime of the postal service, its users sent and received more than 10 billion. Emoticons. And 90% of this set amounted to «joyful smile.» Whether it is a fact manifestations of the unconscious diligence graphical way to express your sunny mood, or — unrestrained barrage of emotions. Unknown. Interestingly another — many owners of accounts «My World» at some point in time it is the «movement» are no longer taken. That is to say, «cool.» And considering passing — how to delete a page in my world.

If your soul, dear reader, flooded a similar sense of detachment from the «mail ru» virtual space, even where a colorful and interesting, it is not necessary to worry. In the end, you do not refuse from reality. And then, a little Looking ahead, it is worth noting that the «lobby and the front» your page for a certain period of time can be returned.

Well! Discloses a soft rustle of instruction — both permanently remove the «My World» from the server; and with eyes — strangers, their ?! Then get started!

1. Log on your login. «My World» Go to. Go through his eyes goodbye. Who knows … maybe change your mind to get rid of him.

screenshot 1

2. On the personal page in the upper right corner, near the address of your mailbox, you have the option «Settings», click on it. It’s the feature is cherished — to remove the «My World.»


3. In the «My Settings» tab «Home» at the bottom look for the button «Remove your world.» Then click on it to start the procedure for destruction account — forever and irrevocably! Yes, yes … It’s very serious.

screenshot 2

4. The e-mail service system will ask you to confirm that you want to remove your personal page. And at the same time warned that you will lose, and that will not see. Please put «tick» in front of all, «I want …» and click on the button «Remove your world.»

screenshot 3

If you carefully follow the instructions and completed all the steps correctly, «Mail. ru «will display a message stating that» your world «is locked and 48 hours will disappear altogether. And after some time, will send identical «sms» mailbox (it remains at your disposal!)

That is, your page is not removed immediately after the activation of the corresponding function. You can immediately return everything to normal — to restore your account by clicking the large button below the text message «Cancel the removal of the world», or follow the link in the sent email.

screenshot 4

Important! After two days, «» exactly perform you specified earlier in the list of actions, «If you do decide to remove …». All photos, videos and audio tracks from a page to disappear. And if, for example, you suffer the anguish of a lost «my world» on the third or fourth day, it is necessary to direct «beauty» over again — to come in to your account, and download all the necessary content.

Let you, dear reader, will be able to delete your account as soon as possible! Without zatrachivaniya nerves and moral strength.

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