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By | 24.04.2016

How to delete a page in detailed guide
The beauty of virtual mailbox is that it can be modified, decorate, delete and generally to do with it everything that pleases; many times, and every day. But in real life, with the tin box on the castle, where a newspaper is stored, such liberties can not afford. Unless of course you are not a bully …

Well, that same e-mail With it, you can do anything? It is. At the very least, remove a page on this site and make a new general is not difficult. Very simple. Each user is entitled to a new mailbox and a new e-mail service! Or even in the absence of those in your life — if there is no one to write. Although it is unlikely.

But be that as it may, the first thing you want to delete your page. Run the following statement in order to cope with this task quickly and without nerves.

The procedure for removing the page on

1. Log into your account at At the bottom right of the menu, find the service a web page: «Topics», «Settings ..». It is located under the «Mail.Ru Agent».

2. Click in it under the section «Help».

3. The display (in the central part of it) will TOP14 «Post — frequently asked questions …».

Attention! If the click opens another top — for example, «My world — frequent …» — a list of popular items in the «Help for other projects,» go to «Mail».

screenshot 1

4. Move the cursor to the eleventh question Topa «How to remove the mailbox …» and click the left mouse button.

screenshot 2

5. Check out the brief instructions on how to delete your page. Then click on the phrase «special interface», located in its text (it is underlined and highlighted in color).

How to remove a mailbox

6. In your browser, open a new page with a list of your services on a mail to be deleted, including their description, contents and links to them. Fill in the fields below the text:

  • in the «Enter the reason» — succinctly explain why you do not want to see your personal page on a server (to go into the custom of revelation is not necessarily!);
  • in the «Current Password» — Enter the password of your account (which is going to delete);
  • in the «Enter code» — enter the letters and numbers in the image below. So you prove to the mail service that you are a person and not some bot. And accordingly, the desire to delete the account comes from is you.

screenshot 4

7. When you have finished with the filling of fields, click «Delete» button (bottom right).

8. Again ask you to confirm your intentions. You do not want to use the page — in the window that opens, klikayte «Yes.»

How to restore the page to the

Do not remove lead, were recovered, that is to say, have mercy! After the removal procedure, the account did not immediately disappear from the server and some more time will be in your hands. So the reason for the sadness of the irrevocably lost you 100% will not. There is a need or will wrap mist of nostalgia — open, enter your username, password, and you will be happy.

Well, or some part of happiness, which delivers account. The thing is that, after removal, box, page «My World» are, but the photos, videos and audio tracks that you loaded onto the website — unfortunately not. In the case of urgent need, they have to «fill» the server again. Alas!

However, this is not the saddest thing that could happen to the personal page at the time of its «rebirth.» The main thing that it is.

Take the vagaries of the Internet humbly and mailboxes belong to oblivion. They’re virtual, digital. It’s only the beginning…

I wish you success!

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