How to delete a page VKontakte forever: 3 Easy Ways

By | 11.04.2016

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Three ways to delete a page in VKontakte

VKontakte with a monthly audience of 80 million. Users confidently takes the first position in the TOP10 most popular social networks Runet. Comfort communicate in chat, a lot of interesting games, online services, music and videos, a handy internal search system — it would seem that still need the consumer Internet? And that’s it! Get rid of it all!

Yes, that’s right: remove the page in contact — and that’s that. And there is nothing surprising in this desire not. To justify the motives for committing this act abound:. Session on the nose, bouts of gambling, the manifestation of jealousy of the second half, the desire to escape from the former girlfriend, etc. Alas, sometimes the lyrics of life requires.

So, how to delete a page in contact?

Method №1: the activation of the «delete» option

1. Go to your page in VK.

2. Click in the user menu above the icon «in contact», section «My Settings».


3. Open the Settings scroll mouse wheel down. Locate the «basement» of the site (the lower part) the link «delete my page» and go through it.

4. After these steps, the system will ask the social network Vkontakte to specify the reason for which you decide to delete your account permanently.

screenshot 2

Select your option from the proposed. If there is no select «Other reason» in the form of downstream leave a short comment explaining why you do not want to see their own page on VKontakte. You can do without any more: enough is the standard phrase «in connection with the situation.»

If you want to tell all your friends «in contact», what are you going to say goodbye to all her boundless virtual spaces, check the box in the option «Share with Friends.»

5. Once again, think carefully about your decision. There is no doubt — safely treasured press the button «Delete page».

6. You receive a message that your account deleted. And also the period (see the date in the second line of the avatar), during which it can be restored.

screenshot 3

Attention! If you use this method of disposal account, until you finally disappear, stored on the server social network Vkontakte for 7 months.

screenshot 4

Return VK favorite page is as easy as removed. If you realize after a while that a little heated, open social network, enter your username and password, and then click on the «Restore» option in the left column. You will see a big button «Restore Page» — click it and rejoice in the return to normal account.

Method №2: change user settings

This option requires the user to remove a little more effort, but, page deletion procedure for all runs much faster. After following acts account disappear irrevocably after about 2.5 months, not at 7 — in the case of the first method.

So, if you need to remove a page, you can use the faster method №2.

1. Open your personal page and go to «My Settings».

2. Select the tab «Privacy».

3. Set all the settings (one sees … who can …) in the «My Page» and «Contact me» to «I Just» and «Nobody».

screenshot 5
screenshot 6

4. After changing the settings, do not go to your personal page.

System Administration VKontakte considers this configuration privacy as the reluctance of the owner to benefit from the social network and, accordingly, automatically removes the page.

Method №3: «freeze» Account

When using this method, the page still remains available to the user, that is, does not disappear forever. Changing only the appearance of it to hide from all your friends, colleagues or someone specifically for a certain time.

The algorithm is very simple: the account owner deletes all the content available on the page — photo, audio, video; remove friends; in the «Connect with me» settings «who can write / invite» sets «No». If desired, for greater secrecy, also changes the name to an alias and address of the page that it was impossible to find an account in the search for personal data and to visually determine that it belongs to the user.

The main advantage of the method — «masking» can be removed at any time since the login, password and the phone attached to the account will remain unchanged.

Selection of a particular method depends on your goals, dear reader. It depends on what you want to say his personal page on the VK — «Goodbye!» Or «Good-bye!»

Good luck to you! Let the account deletion will be quick and painless.

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