How to delete a page’s Спрашивай.ру: step by step instructions

By | 24.04.2016

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How do I delete my page on’s Спрашивай.ру a couple of clicks?

The sea of questions and answers about love, hobbies, movies, and other manifestations of life-the life of Runet users’s answers — anonymous and private; sad, terrible and funny. Someone in awe of such a form of communication — spends the day and spend the night at the «Ask» website, bothering its endless «why» to other users. And someone is not up to curiosity positive evoke a completely different thought — how would hurry to leave the’s answers. That is something that is designed to help comrades and this article.

So, to delete a page, do the following:
1. Log in to your account at

2. In the horizontal menu of the site, click on the icon with the letter «C».

3. Open the drop-down menu. Click «Privacy» section.


4. Set the mark against the option «Delete my page» in the «Privacy Settings» section.

delete my page

5. Click «Save Changes.»

That’s all you need to do to retire with’s answers — once and for all.

Upon activation, the removal, the site gives more about 8 months to think — suddenly you again kindled desire someone to torture issues and other questions pootvechat «tormentors.» Date of the complete destruction of your personal information on a server is specified in the message to delete the profile. Well, during this period of time, you can easily go into your account, enter your old password and username.


Tip! Rejecting’s answers benefits, keep in mind that your mailbox will still receive the notification. They are, of course, can be removed, but it is better to turn them off newsletter. Why clutter up the mail!? In the «Settings» in the «Notifications» tab, remove the checkmark next to all kinds of mailings.

Configuring notifications

Rebounding on a personal profile’s answers in the same way as deleted. The privacy settings, disable the «delete my page» and turn on «Allow Indexing …» option «Allow comments ..». In the «Privacy issues» specify what questions you want to accept — anonymous or only registered users. Save the changes made in the settings.

privacy settings

Enjoy your pastime online!

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