How do I delete the start page Yambler ( in two steps

By | 11.04.2016

How do I delete the start page

Surfing on questionable sites and complete install the software from an unknown user computer manufacturer promises a little something good. One of the most common trouble — Set the start page yambler in all the browsers in the system. Although it is not a Trojan that steals passwords, but still … Those who wish to receive, instead of the usual Google, Yandex or the Bing, to contemplate, much less use — tricky search engine with an incredible amount of ads and links to infected web pages .

It must be possible to remove elementary faster PC security reasons, and all data are therein.

If your computer is still grasped the disease called «yambler», do not despair, and then follow these steps. After down-manipulation software, in 15-20 minutes, he will be well again.

Free the browsers and operating systems from malicious resource

1. Edit the shortcut properties

The browser shortcut at the time of infection is implanted link to yambler, from which you want to get rid of in the first place. It should be noted that to remove the page from the intrusive service by changing only the default settings will not work.

Attention! Fix the labels of all Internet browsers installed on your PC!

Google Chrome:

  • click on the browser icon PC mouse;
  • from the context menu select the option «Properties»;
  • in the «Object» window that appears in the column correct «chrome.url» (this is the record, and redirects to the ill-fated yambler) on «chrome.exe».

Google Chrome
Google Chrome


Likewise, you can remove the malicious link and the FF: «Properties» >> «Object». Remove the link to the search engine page ( located after the «… .firefox.exe». »


Other browsers

In Opera, labels, Yandex and other browsers, links that redirect them to Yambler may look different, but it does not change their dirty fact. The option «Object» must be specified only path to the executable file browser with the extension exe. Accordingly, all the other «add» must be removed.

2. Remove the malicious files into local folders of web browsers.

By getting rid of the links begin to destroy viral object treacherously located in the directories:

  • reopen the properties of the shortcut;
  • Click the ‘File Locations’;
  • check the browser files for suspicious labels. They may have the same name as a reference in the record object, or hidden under other pseudonyms (iexplorer, browser name with extension url). Click the PC (right) click on the malware and select the function «Delete» (do not forget to clean the Windows Recycle Bin!).


Control shot on!

Sometimes it happens that the creation of chaos in web browsers has been more central and loader. Settles it is usually in the folder Program Files / (x86). In such a situation the local deletions and corrections will not be enough.

Therefore — better perestrahuytes! Look at the newly installed files in those directories (analyze the date and time properties of the object). Quite often hackers they are called names like «zaxar», «tooldev234» and others. Seeing them on your PC, press the «Delete» without delay!

Additional prevention

After the above actions will not be superfluous to clear the contents of folders «Temp», to remove suspicious software (if any recently installed) special tools (such as Revo Uninstaller). As well as scan the system and other sections of the external media alternative antivirus software: Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool or Dr.Web CureIt!

Good health to your PC, and you secure Internet surfing!

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