How to remove Spyhunter 4 from your computer completely

By | 13.04.2016


How to remove the utility from the Windows Spyhunter

SpyHunter (hunter spies) — a powerful antivirus utility. It has an impressive base of signatures and one of the fastest scanning algorithms. The ability to detect rootkits, keyloggers, Adware / SpyWare modules and other infection that other antivirus solutions «can not see» and passed to the OS. It removes from your computer not only files and folders malware, and unwanted cookies, stored in browsers, the registry entries.

However, along with the obvious advantages, SpyHunter has very substantial disadvantages:

  • It is not removed from the system by regular Windows tools. When activated,
    the uninstaller (in the «Start» menu or via the «Control Panel») on the desktop, a window with advertising and the interface to buy the utility.
  • The unregistered version of Spyhunter when trying to remove viruses detected by the function «Eliminate Threats» opens a window with a proposal to register the program.
  • If Spyhunter not removed from the boot, it automatically starts to scan the disk partition immediately after the launch of Windows.
registration form and purchase utilities

To remove Spyhunter from the operating system completely, follow the procedures below:

1. Click on the icon in the system tray utility left mouse button. And select «Exit» in the function menu.

choice in menu options & quot; Out & quot;

Attention: If the icon «SpyHunter» are not visible, there is, in the system tray, right click the icon of the «triangle» (function «Show hidden icons»); it will be displayed in an additional window.

2. Click the left mouse button on the icon tool, located on the desktop. select «Properties» from the context menu.

shortcut properties

3. In the shortcut properties, in the «Working Folder» box, copy the path to the folder and file anti-virus. Transfer it to a standard text document with the extension .txt. (This can be done in the system «Notepad» program).

4. Restart Windows in Safe Mode (hold «F8», until the menu appears on a black background).

Warning! Under no circumstances do not ignore the item №4 of this manual. Otherwise (in operation), some files will not delete the SpyHunter.

5. Locate the folder utility (see the path to it, saved in a text file). Left click on it and then click «Remove.»

6. Press the combination «Ctrl + E» key.

7. In the upper part, in the «Search», enter the SpyHunter.

Point program files

8. Wait until the scan is complete. Send Point of antivirus items in basket in the same way (through the system «Delete» function).

9. Clean the «shopping cart», make the OS restart during operation.

10. Press «Win + R» After boot Windows.

11. In the command window «Run» to «dig up» box, type regedit, and press the «Enter» (Once clicked, the Registry Editor).

12. Open the «Find …» In the «Edit» (horizontal menu).

13. Type in the search bar (the line «Find») — SpyHunter.

14. Run a check on the given query the registry ( «Find Next» button).

15. Highlight the detected registry key with the name of the utility by clicking (left mouse button), and then click «Remove.»

Remove registry entries

16. Continue to check the registry ( «F3» key), is a computer not all the entries will be deleted.

17. Clean the SSleaner utility system.

18. Restart the PC. Open the Control Panel via the section «Uninstall a program». If you did everything correctly, the list SpyHunter Installed software will be absent.

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