How do I delete messages on Skype: step by step instructions

By | 08.04.2016

messages on Skype

How to get rid of the message history on Skype

Skype can be named one of the most popular programs to communicate with family, friends and colleagues. Daily for voice or video calls using its hundreds of thousands of users. And more and more people run this program as text chat. But they do not all know how to get rid of the message history, sent to one of your friends or to all users in the contact list. At the same time this is done very simply.

To delete the message after some time after intercourse, simply perform the following steps:

    1. Start Skype.
    2. «Tools» Go to bookmark.
    3. Then go to the tab «Settings».
    4. Now select the «Chats and SMS» section.
    5. Click the «Advanced Settings».
    6. You can delete from the menu all messages, or select one of the users and delete only the history of communication with him. Do not forget that they are permanently deleted.

It is also worth noting that in the same saving message history, you can disable the menu or select the time period during which all messages will be stored and then deleted automatically. Keep in mind that if you choose to delete (or do not record) his correspondence, then recover deleted messages and view them after a while you can not.

An alternative method of removing correspondence

Get rid of the message in the Skype program can be in a different way. To do this, just go to the history of correspondence, right-click in the box that appears in the pop-up window and select «Delete.»

It also should be remembered that more than erased messages on your computer, you will not find, therefore, before erasing how to think, did not remain there in the history of any important data: links to websites, phone numbers and other information that may be required to you through a -What time.

Do not rely on untested programs!

Recently, a lot of sites online offering to download a «unique and inimitable» utility for the removal of the correspondence from Skype. If you still dare to download the file with a similar untested software, be sure to scan it with the antivirus utilities, as in most cases this way spread malware. Some of these viruses are called SkHistory and Skype Chat Helper. If you are asked to download a file with such name, it is better to give up the idea.

Now you simply select one of the methods described above, by which you can remove conversation from Skype program at any time. But do not forget that even if you choose to delete all the messages from your computer, they may be stored in the PC memory of your interlocutor.

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