How do I delete a message in the contact (all at once or one at a time)

By | 27.04.2016

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How do I delete a sent message in the contact

That did not think and did not guessed users of social network «Vkontakte», that the great power of folk wisdom is valid, and even better, working on the computer and the Internet. Or rather — in virtual dialogues.

also speak a word in them, that is written in the context of popular proverbs are not cut down with an ax, not stretched ox, and sparrows are not similar. That’s it! Posted impartial thing gave who do not need a secret povorkoval with ex-girlfriend a secret from his wife — all sit-think the thought: «Now, you want to delete the sent message Vkontakte» Of course, if you do not know how!

However — not a tragedy. This article is intended to save you from such worries and anxieties. Or almost rid … Since the information on the site «Vkontakte» in certain situations tends to not be removed. Well, everything, as they say, in order.

Removal of the correspondence in two clicks

1. Go to «Vkontakte» in your account.

2. Click the left mouse button on the «My Messages» (main menu under the icon FaceBook).

3. The film shows all dialogs (history of correspondence with each user). Move the cursor to correspond with a particular interlocutor (its field tint color), then click on the icon «cross» (it will appear on the right side of the field).


4. In the «Delete all messages» to confirm your intention to delete the history of correspondence with the selected user by clicking the «Remove».

delete all messages

After completing this procedure, dialogue immediately disappear. BUT: only in your account! On the page of another party-line conversation, dialogue, including all messages will continue to appear in the «My Messages».

Warning! «In contact» dialogues are never deleted completely, whatever you way / method of purification stories would not use. Third-party utilities and applications, able to perform this function (to delete messages from the VK server) — no more than the tricks and stories intruders who want to fish your username and password from a page in a social network. They are «completely» are crammed with Trojans and worms. You go around the «digital products» tenth expensive!

The second method of removing correspondence

1. Open the «My Messages» on his page.

2. Make a left click on the dialogue you want to delete.

3. Place your cursor on the option «Action» (located at the top of the page under the main menu, next to the reference to «friends list»).

Cleaning message history

4. Select «Delete message history» in the drop-down menu.

How do I delete messages selectively?

If necessary, «Vkontakte», you can delete a message or several messages to choose from — from a specific dialogue.

selective removal of posts

1. Click on the dialogue you want to selectively clear.

2. In the history of the left mouse button select the unwanted messages (near them «tick» will appear).

3. Click the «Delete» button.

Note : You can restore if necessary text messages. After they are removed, in their place there is a special box with a link to the «Restore». To report back to his seat, just click on it with the left mouse button.

Posts restoration

At the same time, our small tour of posts removal processes comes to an end. Let your conversation «Vkontakte» there will always be warm and pleasant — without superfluous phrases and thoughts, which then have to be removed.

Have a nice holiday in the social networks!

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