How to remove Sontinue live installation from your computer?

By | 24.04.2016

Continue live installation

How to remove Continue live installation from Windows

Continue live installation — malware. It masquerades as a trusted application. After penetration into the PC accommodates a desktop shortcut to the white (without pictures) of the same name. Immediately after loading the operating system displays an advertising banner window. It can also «settle» in the system tray.

Standard means to remove Continue live installation can not. Like any virus, it conceals its elements (files). However, the city council on this malicious program still can be found. Consider the different ways of disposal.

Method №1: Virus Removal Tool

Curing utility VRT Kaspersky anti-virus laboratory perfectly detects dangerous application system. In addition, it has a small size, installs quickly and is easy to operate. Follow these steps in sequence steps to remove from the computer Continue live installation using VRT.

1. Open the download page — (official website).

Kaspersky ofsayta

2. Under «Latest version» click on the link «Download».

3. Wait for the download (volume tool is about 99 MB).

4. Run the Kaspersky VRT (for Windows 7/8/10):

  • right-click the downloaded installer icon;
  • select «Run as administrator» to open the system menu.

5. Wait 2-3 minutes until the antivirus files initializes (ie, to get ready).

Installation Virus Removal Tool

Attention! The Virus Removal Tool will to work correctly you need a network connection. Be sure to allow a request for a connection to the firewall (in case of a warning window).

6. Utilities panel, click the setting «Edit settings.»

configuration utility

7. In the «Settings» in the list of items, check the box next object «system partition». Click «OK».

8. Click «Start Scan» to start scanning the system.

scan launch

9. After the test, remove from a computer virus VRT all found files.

Note. Scanning progress is displayed in the line «Checked» (tool box).

10. Restart the OS.

Method №2: AdwCleaner

AdwCleaner — «storm» browser hijackers, adware adware and other potentially dangerous software. It cleans infected labels effectively recognizes cunning disguise malware that antivirus base «can not see.»

1. Download AdwCleaner program at one of the trusted resource (for example,


2. Start AdwCleaner as administrator (see para. №4 previous instruction).

3. Press the «Scan» To check the files.

4. At the end of the scan, review the utility found objects in each of the available tabs: Services (services), Folders (folder), Files (files), Registry (Registry), etc. If necessary, remove the check mark from the trusted elements (false positives are possible!).

5. Press the «Cleaning», to clean up Windows. Then restart your PC.

Tip! AdwCleaner can be removed from your computer by clicking on «Uninstall» panel.

Method №3: manual removal

1. Clear the Temp folder of the current account — the directory to store temporary files:

  • open the C drive (or another partition on which the system is installed);
  • press the «ALT»;
  • the pop-up menu at the top of the window, open the «Tools» → «Folder Options»;
  • in the «Folder Options» tab «View»;
  • in the block «Advanced Settings» activate the option «Show hidden files …»;
  • click on the «Apply» button and «OK»;
  • Open the TEMP folder: [system drive] → Users → [User] → AppData → Local → Temp;
  • remove all existing files and folders it: CTRL + A (select all objects) → → right click «Delete.»

Additionally, it is recommended to clean the same way other folders Temp (there are several in the system).

Tip! Remove Temp content can be automatically, with the help of a special program cleaner CCleaner.

2. Browse the directory AppData \ Local \ folder and delete any suspicious names (eg, iu93234oiu, e3234rre3).

3. Check the startup OS:

  • Click «Start»;
  • panel line type — msconfig (+ enter);
  • in the «System Configuration», open the «Startup»;
  • disable suspicious startup command (remove the check mark in front of them), in particular, which have a CMD name.


Clean the system from unnecessary files and registry entries utility Reg Organizer or CCleaner. Include antivirus software (which protects your PC in real time) proactive protection or detection of suspicious applications, function (see. Specific solution for products that use).

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