How to delete SMS on Skype (message history)

By | 24.04.2016


How to remove SMS to Skype individually or all at once?

«! See you on Skype,» «Call me on Skype!», «I would like to see you — turn on skype!» — These and similar phrases have become part of everyday life and did not cause any surprises or problems. In other words, speaking on Skype to know young and old alike: Skype program for all ages!

Worryingly now simple layman another — «Is it possible to delete SMS in Skype?» And where reasonably. As you know, writing pen, and already can not cut down with an ax. Here anxiety and creeps! Well, because sometimes want to text message did not reach the addressee. Especially if it is written in a fit of rage, and, even worse, in it there are negative emotions and «three-storey» construction profanity. Or let sms read this thing official. The main thing is to trace send PC could not see, and then you never know who else can read it …

In general, deleting messages on Skype — a task more than the actual, which would at all costs to be solved. Let us not hesitate — get started!

How to delete individual SMS to PC and phone?

Selectively delete messages on Skype can be for a short period of time from the date of dispatch. So, act that is called, without delay, otherwise it will be too late.

1. Select the message from which you want to get rid of:

  • on your computer: Move your mouse over the SMS and click the right mouse button;
  • on iPads, smartphones and other devices with a touch screen: hold your finger display area, where the SMS, as long as the displayed context menu.

2. Click or tapnite on the phone in the list of functions that appears select «Delete.»

screenshot 1

3. Confirm your intention: in response to a request for Skype «Are you sure …?», Click «Delete.»

In place of a remote SMS appears the phrase «Message deleted» and a miniature icon «dustbin» (right). If your companion was not in the network at the time of sending «failed» SMS and delete it, when you log into your account it will read exactly the phrase — that is, they say, was the message, and now it’s gone. And nothing else!

More sad outcome you expect, if the person was still on the network and had time to read your «news». Again, the word — not a sparrow … etc. The only thing that calms, in this case, is the fact that the text failed esemeski, he (the source) will no longer contemplate on the screen. However, try to further banal and always good «excuse». It can also be able to direct dialogue on track.

How to delete message history?

1. Start Skype, go to your account.

2. Open the horizontal menu (top) «Tools» section and click «Settings …».


select «Chats and SMS» 3. In the vertical list of options, and then in the opened submenu -. «Setting chat»

Setting chat

Warning: If this configuration panel is closed, click the «Open advanced settings».

4. In the «Save the story …» click the «Clear History.»

Following these simple manipulations all posts in all chats will disappear. BUT! Do not comfort themselves with the hope that the same action will occur in «Skype» to your buddy. They all SMS conversations will remain intact.

screenshot 2
screenshot 3

Correspondence will be able to be completely removed, only if all participants in the virtual dialogue to clear the history in their accounts Skype. And nothing else!

Caution! Programs to delete messages on Skype

Sly utility allegedly removing selectively message history — not all, but only to a particular user — in the greater degree of adventure and tricks scam than a useful additional software. In 90 cases out of 100 at the time of installation of the «craft», anti-virus begins furiously to sound the alarm. False alarm? Unlikely!

Do not believe any reviews or video review, proving the effectiveness of third-party program to change the Skype settings. Perhaps they will give a positive result — you get rid of the posts and anti-virus software «not zarugaetsya» — only here, is the guarantee that your personal data and your companions will not fall into the hands of hackers. By the way, not excluding the usernames and passwords!

What to do if your phone / tablet is not the history of messages deleted?

«Resurrection» correspondence after the removal of mobile devices is due to the synchronization account. To get rid of once and for all messages, first clear the history in a Skype, has been installed on your PC, and only then — on a portable device.

Enjoy your chatting experience Skype! Get plenty of sunshine SMS! And, of course, less «cloudy» — and then have to remove them …
Good luck!

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