How to remove Smartwebprinting from the computer and turn it off permanently

By | 24.04.2016


How to disable and delete the program Smartwebprinting

HP Smart Web Pprinting — trusted application designed for printing Web pages (the shell for the printer software support). It performs functions such as preventing trimming the right edge, Auto Fit size, removing the last pages, etc.

However, despite its usefulness, it raises the following issues:

  • software conflicts with Internet Explorer 9;
  • incompatibility with 64-bit of Windows.

As well as greatly reduces the level of PC security:

  • smartwebprinting.dll dynamic library is automatically activated when you start, but, in most cases, is not blocked by a firewall. It detects the object as the browser element;
  • smartwebprinting.dll used by browser hijackers and adware adware for covert introduction to the operating system. Also, some viruses masquerade as the trusted file;
  • It has no visible window;
  • monitors web browsers.

It is worth noting that you can remove Smartwebprinting and standard way, ie, using standard Windows functions (Control Panel → Uninstall a program). However, this approach is no guarantee that all the elements of the application to be removed from the system disappear after cleaning.

Therefore, in order to completely remove the program from your PC to print, you must use specific tools, uninstallers. For example, Uninstall Tool, Revo Uninstaller, Soft Organizer.

cleaning procedure

(For example, Revo Uninstaller Pro)

Caution is necessary to remove the print jobs and turn off the printer before removing the program.

1. In the Revo Uninstaller, tab «All Programs», click 1 time the left mouse button on the icon «HP Smart Web».

Revo Uninstaller

2. Click the «Delete» option in the top of the interface.

3. After running the built-in uninstaller confirm their desire to get rid of Smart Web: Click the pop-up window, «Yes.»

A confirmation

4. In the panel superstructure «Save clips?» Enable the option «No, remove all the clips …» (click on the radio button).

uninstall setup

5. Wait for the cleaning and press «OK».

progress cleaning

6. Go to the Revo Uninstaller window.

7. Select «Advanced» in the «Scan Modes» section.

Scan mode selection

6. To start the analysis of the system, click «Scan».

remaining elements

7. Get rid of the remaining items (folders, files and registry entries): Select All Delete → → Ready. (This operation is performed twice, separately for directories and registry).


Update your anti-virus signature database and scan the system partition for the presence of malware. Also to solve this problem, you can use the auxiliary disinfection utilities (eg, Dr.Web CureIt!). After checking clean OS program Reg Organizer or CCleaner.

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