How to remove Skype from your computer and what to do if it is not removed?

By | 08.04.2016


Can I remove Skype and how to do it?

Skype is one of the most popular programs for communication — this application is installed nearly one billion computers, and the number of registered long exceeded seven hundred million people are in it. But many of these people do not even know how to remove Skype if necessary. And to make it a snap.

First you need to decide what action to perform. If the user wants to delete the program from your computer — is one thing. If he wants to delete the account that runs the application by default and instead choose another — it is quite another. Although the two concepts are often confused by inexperienced users, it is necessary to distinguish between them, since their implementation requires completely different actions. Let’s try to understand what is meant users, when asked how to remove Skype, and what action to perform with.

Remove the account

Many people ask whether it is possible to change the account without reinstalling itself with Skype? This is especially needed for those who have exhibited in the program automatic connection option and the app is always loaded with the same user, and it must be changed. Of course, it can be done, and it happens quite simple.

To retire from Skype, perform quite a few simple steps in sequence:

    1. First you need to exit the program.
    2. Then press the key combination «Win» (located between the buttons «Ctrl» and «Alt» in the lower left corner of the keyboard) + «R» to start the command line.
    3. In the resulting window we prescribe Applicatoin data \ Skype, to get into the installation folder.
    4. In the window that opens, find the folder with the user name and delete it.
  1. Run Skype and can now enter a new user name and password.

How to remove Skype from your computer entirely?

If the user needs to remove Skype from your computer’s memory, then it is necessary to perform a number of other simple actions. This process also takes a maximum of a few minutes. All manipulations are performed in the following order:

  1. For a start will have to complete the application. To do this, click on the icon in the Skype panel at the bottom of the screen (the icon should be located near the clock), right-click the item and click «Exit». If the application is not removed, it is likely the program is still running, so close it before all the actions it is necessary.
  2. Then go to your «Start» menu (the leftmost button in the bottom panel), and select the line under the name «Control Panel». It will need to find the «Add or Remove Programs» (in some versions of the operating systems, for example, Windows 7, this may be just «Uninstall a program») and click on it.
  3. Then in the window that opens, a list of all applications installed on this computer. We find in the Skype list and click on it.
  4. Also worth noting is that when you delete Skype can offer to preserve some part of the program options, including contact list. If the user is going to use in the future again this application, these data it is best not to remove.
  5. Now we have to select all the components of the program that you want to delete.

After completing these steps, you can restart your computer and make sure that Skype is no longer in the system.

Regardless of the computer owner wants to remove the program completely or just want to change the account, all of the above steps must be performed in a precise sequence. Otherwise, the application may remain some components or the Skype and not deleted. If this happens, you can try all the items again, just observing their sequence and carefully arranging all the necessary checkboxes.

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