How to remove Skype (login, user account) and log into the directory

By | 13.04.2016

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How to delete your profile in the Skype software?

Skype — a popular software to communicate on the network (correspondence, video conferencing, Internet telephony). One of the most common user tasks on the network of the service — the complete removal of the account (due to failure of the Skype services, or in order to change the login).

It is worth noting that the special buttons, options, or other software of the mechanism by which it would be possible to remove the account on Skype, does not exist. However, to remove your profile from the service possible.

Carrying out the procedure, the cleaning account, consists of two stages.

Important: Many users do not know how to remove the login on Skype, trying to find a «cunning» programs and services, online account to remove. It should not do it because of the great risk of breach of confidentiality.

Stage №1: the removal of personal data

1. Log in to Skype with your login and password.

2. In the horizontal menu bar, open the first section (Skype).

Skype menu

3. Next, select: Personal data → Edit my data …

Tip! You can also enable this option by pressing the key combination «Ctrl + I».

4. In the settings under the name of an account, click «Manage.» (The browser will open your profile page).

account settings

5. At the top of the interface, next to the button «Exit», click your name (you have it pointed out that account was registered).

activation of personal data editor

6. Scroll down the web page. In the «Settings and Adjustments» lower menu, open the «Edit personal data».

7. Activate the «Change» function in section «Personal data».

button & quot; Change & quot;

8. Change / remove information about yourself in the appropriate boxes:

    • Name / Surname — replace an arbitrary set of symbols. Just remove them will not work, since the device system requires the mandatory to make the data in the account.
    • Date of birth — and change (specify, for example, date of birth 1902).
    • City / Region — delete.
    • About me — leave this field empty.

9. Press the top or bottom of the page click «Save» to changes made to the profile take effect.

Tip! In the column «About Me», if necessary, leave status message to his companions, that you permanently delete your account or to get other (specify it). This is a brief explanation will help to avoid misunderstandings and to quickly restore contacts in the new profile.

Step №2: remote login from the directory

After removal of the true personal information in an account, you must also remove the login name from the Skype directory. Otherwise, login can be found through the internal search engine.

1. Open the page in the browser (assistance in the use …).

2. Site search Count enter the query «delete Skype.»

of-site program Skype

3. Click on «How to delete an account …?»

4. Scroll down to the instructions in the text (after the fifth paragraph), click the phrase «support service Skype» (it is highlighted in blue).

Important Russian language when personalized technical assistance is not supported. Therefore, select English or another language, and connect the application / extension of the translator (if needed).

5. Enter your login / password on your account.

6. Click «Continue» (the button is located under the drop-down language menu).

the posting form

7. In the message list, select the «Deleting an account». Click «Next».

8. Select «Text chat support» and follow the removal instructions.

9. Activate the option «Start chat».

10. Send a message to the operator in English with a request to remove the login.

Tip! If you can not perform point №10, have someone of his friends who possess the language well enough to help you write a message.

After all these steps, your account in Skype through 3-30 days to be fully deleted. The interlocutors contact lists username will still appear, but he will be available.

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