How to Remove Search protect from the computer and from the tray?

By | 24.04.2016

Search protect

How to remove a program from Search protect OS Windows?

If the display of your PC appeared Search protect icon, sound an alarm — tuck the sleeves and get to cleaning the operating system. Despite its «useful» name — here you and protect (protect), and search (search) — this app promises nothing but trouble:

  • change the start page in browsers, monitors superstructure: Sets the address of the search engine (;
  • can add a toolbar to your Internet browser interface;
  • integrates web page scripts with ad units that contain potentially dangerous links;
  • registers in the system tray (constantly in the active mode, takes PC resources);
  • masked in the OS (in the list of installed software it is not).
Search protect icon

Plus, malware secretly smuggled in. As a rule, during the installation of free programs (through infected installers).

Here are two statements, telling in detail how to remove Search protect. First engage the automatic elimination (more reliable and faster!), And only in the case of manually clean OS failure.

virus software settings panel

Method №1: automatic removal

1. Find and neutralize completely unwanted software by using the following tools (optional):

Hitman Pro
Free trial (single license — 30 days). A cloud-based technology. Detects viruses through the examination of the file and the cluster of behavioral analysis objects (applications, browser add-ons). Quickly check for the partition (depending on the amount, up to 5 minutes). It does not require installation, run from DVD / CD — ROM or USB-stick. It has a lot of options, it is recommended for experienced users.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
Free (stripped-down version free). Quickly finds and removes from your computer the most insidious Trojans, worms and rootkits. «Treats» infected files. Easy to install, configure and run.

Dr.Web Cureit!
Utility is for single use only. Scrupulously checks for viruses all the basic elements of the operating system: boot sector, registry, system files, etc. During scanning blocks access to the Internet, it suspends activated processes. And thus does not allow viruses to hide their presence. It has a user-friendly interface (novice PC users will need 10-15 minutes to master the program).

2. Reset the settings in the browser and remove malicious add-ons using Avast Browser Cleanup program:

  • Click on the icon browser (The vertical menu);
  • Click «Reset»;
  • Select the search engine that will be installed on the homepage;
  • Click «Clear for free.»

3. Restore the properties browser shortcuts (they can also be modified virus application), utilizing the program FixerBro or AdwCleaner.

Note. The given utility is compatible with other antivirus programs. Publicly available on ofsayta manufacturers.

Method №2: manual cleaning OS

1. Click the icon in the system tray Search Protect (small letter «e»).

the properties of the executable file

2. Place your cursor on the icon annoying applications, located on the taskbar (it appears after clicking). Then click the right mouse button.

3. In the panel that opens, click the program again (its name), right-click.

4. In the Windows context menu, select «Properties».

5. in the «Location» general label settings, copy the path to the file Search protect:

  • hold down the left button, move the cursor over the line;
  • click the «CTRL + C» (function «Copy»).

Attention also locate-malware programs can in the Task Manager: «Ctrl + Shift + Esc» → tab «Processes» → right click on the process of Search protect (can be called — HPNotify, XTab, cltmng, SearchProtection ) → Properties → Location.

malicious process

6. Press the «CTRL + E» (open window partitioning).

7. Place the cursor in the «Computer» field (top line).

8. Press the «CTRL + V» (the old record should retire, but instead will be a directory of malicious software).

9. Press «ENTER». Open the folder Search protect — XTab (but can be called in a different way).

with the virus file folder

10. Activate the Administrator on behalf of the uninstall.exe file (uninstaller).


11. The removal of the module, click Uninstall button.

12. Wait until the procedure is completed. A folder with the remaining files from the computer, remove the utility Unlocker (deletes files that are not removed). Either restart your PC in safe mode (hold «F8» at the time of start-up), and then send it to the basket XTab folder using the regular function of the OS.

13. Restore all browsers start page using the Browser Cleanup assistant from Avast or manually. Scan properties shortcuts AdwCleaner (see method №1 -. Automatic removal).

14. Update your antivirus software and make sure they all partitions (drives C, D, E, etc.) Follow the «cleaning» in the Windows program CCleaner.

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