How to Remove Search here of Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer

By | 27.04.2016

Search here attacks

How to get rid of Search here: instructions for popular browsers

«Browser hijacker» by computer security experts call toolbar Search here. And, of course, not without reason. The application is distributed through mailings and installers spamnyh free software. Installed on a PC, «quietly» without asking the user if he needs to, in fact, in his «services» or not.

Search here prescribed to all installed browsers as an extension. As a rule, «settled» in the directory C / Users / <username> / AppData / Roaming / in «DefaultTab» folder.

DefaultTab folder location

Change the home page (shown «search results» instead of a string for queries on Google or Yandeh). Also keeps track of the owner of the computer in the process of surfing the Internet, collects personally identifiable information (websites visited, cookies, targeted queries, etc.), it redirects to malicious sites.

Search here toolbar

Definitely from such a «search engine» you must get rid of. And the sooner, the better. Who knows what «surprises» he can give. Logins, passwords, credit card numbers — all this can be the creators of malicious toolbar.

To remove a search here, follow the steps below.

Cleaning of the operating system

The first thing, before restoring browser settings, try to completely remove the application from the OS.

It is advisable to perform this procedure using Revo Uninstaller or a similar utility, designed to remove programs. Since it is equipped with a function of «deep cleaning»: removes all files and registry entries related to a toolbar intrusive.

  1. Run Revo Uninstaller.
  2. Browse the catalog installed software, especially the section «New Program» (recently established), for suspicious applications. In most cases, Search here disguised under the name DefaultTab and Chrome DefaultTab (a single «solution» for Google Chrome).
  3. Click on the icon with the name of the right mouse button. Click the «Delete».
  4. Wait for system analysis, select «Advanced» scan mode and click «Scan».
  5. Next, Revo Uninstaller will offer to remove all remaining after the removal of files and registry keys Search here. Agree with the recommendations of the utility, select all the items found and click «Remove.»

In the absence of special software to remove applications that use the Windows standard tools:

1. Open the «Start» then «Control Panel».
2. Click «Uninstall a program» (the «Program» section).
3. Find the icon «DefaultTab» in the list of programs. Select it by clicking the mouse (left button).

DefaultTab in the list of installed programs

4. Click the «Change / Remove» in the top menu.

Recovery options in browsers

Internet Explorer

1. In the «Tools» menu, select «Add-ons».

2. In the «View and manage IE add-ons» option, click «Toolbars …».

Search here in Internet Explorer

3. In the list of extensions get connected «DefaultTab Browser Helper» (this is the search here!). Click on its name, right-click, and activate the «Delete».
4. Close the window again, go to «Tools». Go to «Internet Options».
5. In the «Homepage» ( «General» tab), remove the link to the service «Search here». Enter the address of a trusted search engine (for example, and
6. Click «Apply» and «OK» (buttons are located at the bottom of the window).
7. Restart IE. Toolbar to disappear.


1. In the «Tools» menu, click «Add-ons».
2. Activate the tab «Extensions».

Default Tab extension in Firefox

3. On the other hand extension with the name «Default Tab» (as well as other suspicious extensions), click «Delete».
4. Restart Firefox.
5. In the «Tools» (the main menu), click «Settings».
6. In the section «Basic» in the «Home» option, remove the reference to «Search here» (if any). Enter the address of a trusted search engine.
Tip for advanced users! For a quick recovery FF settings you can use a special extension SearhReset.

Google Chrome

1. Select the «Settings» menu of your browser.
2. Activate mouse click Section «Extensions».
3. Click in front of the expansion «Default Tab Chrome» (name can vary) icon «Basket».
4. Go to «Settings» (on this page).
5. Click «add» function block The «startup».

Search Here removal of links in Google Chrome

6. Place your cursor on the «Search here» link. Click the «X» icon, then «the OK».
7. In the block «Search» button, click «Manage Search Engines». In the same way, remove all third-party links, leaving only the address of the search engine.
8. Click «Finish».
9. Restart Google Chrome.

Preventing Windows after removing the toolbar

Establish the work of browsers, clear the file system and Windows registry program CCleaner (it will clear the cache, delete cookies Internet browsers, will remove them from the program directory «trash»). Then, check your PC for viruses curing spetsutilitoy — (such as Malwarebytes Anti-Malware or Dr.Web CureIt!)

All the best and enjoy your use of the PC!

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