How to remove a Flirchi your profile and your page

By | 07.04.2016
Flirchi — dating site. Once upon a time, in the opinion, it was pretty good, but for some time now has become a paid now for 2 weeks every access to the database of potential partners have to pay 250 rubles. Which, of course, is not as interesting as it used to, and many users have chosen to delete accounts.

Then the administration of the site, apparently, decided that in the battle for the number of users can be all and began to use «gray» methods of promotion, not sending a registered letter to the resource people with the content: «Someone left you a message on Flirchi». And if the hapless user clicks on the link in the letter — it’s just unnecessary to fill up with spam offers privately communicate with unfamiliar subjects.

No wonder that the Internet is infested wishing to learn how to retire from

Methods for removing Profile

To delete your profile on Flirchi, oddly enough, it is possible in different ways.

The first — the official. You can complain to the site’s administration. Many people have received after this simple step notification that their profile has been removed. Here only can we trust this?

Another option — more conspiratorial. Recommended settings in the profile to delete mailbox address and enter a new, a different address. Naturally, the old address letters stop coming, and the new mailbox to use and not intended. A site settings allow you to enter an address to all invented.
The third way — through profile — settings where there is a reference, «If you want to delete your profile, click here.» After that, to retire from Flirchi site is simple to follow instructions.

The main thing — vigilance!

Alas, in part in a wide spread of spam blame the users themselves.

The unspoken rules of Internet safety stipulate that letters from unknown senders or with obscure topics open is strictly prohibited. When a letter from Flirchi detected in incoming messages, not enough to open it. Even better — just delete or move to spam the same time and an eyesore in your inbox will be no more.

If an open and a link is pressed, it is still a message that supposedly sent from one user to Flirchi, it is impossible to read without having registered. After clicking on the link from the letter of the user to the welcome page, where there is an item «Start chat». Enough not to press him to close the site and remove the letters in the «Spam» folder, which is designed to protect the user from the nerves stubborn debris senders.

Dating site — a risky place in which it is not necessary to share personal information and other files, especially. images and videos. It must be remembered that the import of data from the profile of the mailbox, as well as all related ( «Classmates», «Contact», and other social networks), often carried out on similar sites for unhindered communication automatically, respectively, it is better not to go to them and do not press any buttons except «Close». Delete the data then it will be very difficult, prevention — is far preferable.

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