How to remove Rising Antivirus (Chinese anti-virus)?

By | 24.04.2016

Rising antivirus

How To Remove Antivirus Rising Antivirus from Windows?

Chinese anti-virus software for the inhabitants of Runet — a piece, so to speak about the software application that is causing a lot of impressions. And extremely contradictory: here you and usefulness — yet because anti-virus, after all; and mystery — well, that if there is no interface in English, and instead of the familiar characters adorn bukovok least powerful of the Chinese; and the danger of — sometimes on their own system is installed. And further more, «and» that is, the impressions.

Well, what the hero of this article — Rising Antivirus, which also, incidentally, comes from China? Just surprised Russian-speaking users? The question, of course, controversial … someone like. Still, remove it from the Windows sometimes desirable, and even necessary. Therefore, from research down to business. Let us examine the two-step instructions to remove it.

Method №1: standard removal

1. Right-click on the icon of the anti-virus program in the system tray.

Attention! If the icons are not visible in the tray, press the left mouse button shortcut «up arrow» (to display the hidden icons). Then click «Customize». The list, in front of Rising Antivirus, in the «Behavior» column select «Show icon and notifications.»

2. In the Settings menu, choose «Exit» (Exit). Confirm your action.

antivirus menu

Note. This action is necessary to perform mandatory! Otherwise, remove Rising Antivirus via the built uninstaller does not work. Its activated processes will prevent the removal.

3. Click the mouse click «Start» and go to «Control Panel».

uninstall launch

4. In the window, in the block «Programs», click «Uninstall a program».

5. In the software, right-click on the Rising Antivirus. And then select the «Uninstall / Change» (it will appear in additional window).

. Note Note: in the directory install antivirus applications, there are two elements. The first step is to get rid of Rising Antivirus. Removing additions Rising Software … then carried out (the second stage of treatment).

6. The built-in uninstaller antivirus window. Make sure that the option «Uninstall» is enabled in the settings. Then activate the mouse button «Next».

Uninstall panel

7. The following settings panel, remove the check mark «Keep user settings …» (the preservation of custom settings). And again — «Next».

delete settings

8. Enter the captcha (the figures in the picture) in a special field and click «Enter».

9. Wait for the procedure of preparation for removal.

porgress cleaning

10. In the «Finished», set a tick in the add-ins:

uninstall completion
  • Delete installation directory (the directory removal);
  • Restart Windows (OS reboot).

11. Click «Finish».

12. After rebooting again, go to Start → Control Panel → Programs → Uninstall a Program.

13. Similarly, remove the remainder of the application module — «Rising Software …»: right click → Remove → «Yes» button in the additional window (to confirm).

addition antivirus

Method №2: Use program uninstaller,

(for example, utility Revo Uninstaller Pro)
1. Run the utility Revo Uninstaller.

2. In the window, right click on the Rising antivirus. Select «Delete».

3. Follow the instructions in the uninstaller.

Note. But it may be so that the utility can not run the uninstaller, and will automatically switch to the scanning system. In any case, continue the cleaning procedure.

4. Set the scan mode system «Advanced» (complete removal from the computer applications, including folders / files and registry entries).

registry Cleaner

5. Upon completion of the scan in the «Found remaining records …» remove all registry keys related to the Rising antivirus: Select Delete all → → Next.

removal of the remaining elements

6. Likewise, remove any remaining files. Click «Finish». Close the program.


Follow the «clean» Windows utility Reg Organizer or CCleaner: Clean and defragment registry, remove unnecessary files from the disk, configure autorun.

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