How to remove Regclean Pro (what program to use to remove)

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How to completely remove Regclean Pro program

All programs can be easily divided into three main categories: useful, relatively useful and useless … at all. But malware does not count, then, as they say, no comment. And the user determines in which category to place it one or the other digital product, in most cases independently. Moreover, by experience: I started by installing; popolzovalsya; I thought and decided to — left or removed.

For software RegClean Pro package, designed to optimize and clean the system registry, the above mentioned theory is also quite fair. But we will not go into details. Our task — to figure out how to remove Regclean Pro and all of its additional features of the OS. Quickly, correctly and accurately (so that there is not a single trace).

Run the removal of two ways: taking advantage of third-party utilities, and without them (ie only regular Windows tools).

Method №1: the standard uninstall registry cleaning +

To delete a folder or file

1. Close the utility window (click the «X» in the upper right corner).

RegClean Pro

2. Open the «Start» menu (click on the Windows icon on the taskbar), and perform the following steps:

uninstaller RegClean Pro
  • Click «All Programs» (opens a list of installed applications);
  • go to Regclean Pro program folder;
  • Left-click on the item «Uninstall …».

3. In the «User Account Control …» allow the program to make changes, select ‘Yes’.

User Account Control

4. Press the «OK» in the panel «Uninstall» and wait for the completion of the removal procedure.


As a rule, Regclean Pro utility is installed with the addition of «Advanced System Protector». To get rid of it, do the following:

Start → All Programs → Advanced System folder → an item «Uninstall …»

addition «Advanced System Protector»

In the panel «Uninstall» click in the lower left corner of the option «No, I want full uninstall» (No, I want to completely remove)

«Uninstall» Panel

Remove the registry keys

1. In the «Start» in the search box, type — regedit, and then press «Enter».

2. Before you edit the registry, make a backup copy of his files:

  • File → Export;
  • enable the option «All the registry» (radio button at the bottom of the window);
  • enter the directory (folder) to store the backup (it is desirable to specify the disks on which the system is not set <D, E, etc.>);
  • make a note of the location of the allowance;
  • click «Save».

3. Open the following registry keys and delete the remaining applications keys (the last element of the chain):

  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE → SOFTWARE → Microsoft → Windows → CurrentVersion → Run → RegClean
  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER → Software → RegClean

Warning: If you accidentally delete other records completed properly cleaned or notice that the OS is unstable after cleaning, restore the registry data from a backup: File → Import → → directory copy the saved file (with the extension .reg) → Open.

Method №2: cleaning utility Revo Uninstaller Pro

1. In the Utilities window, in the «Programs» section, right click on the icon «RegClean-Pro».

Revo Uninstaller Pro

2. Select «Delete» option from the context menu.

3. Follow the instructions built-in uninstaller ( see. The method №1 ).

4. After removing the standard in Revo Uninstaller window procedure to select the scan mode «Advanced».

5. Remove all of the remaining elements of RegClean (files, registry keys) found utility.


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