Qtrax How to remove from your computer?

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How to Remove Qtrax player from Windows

Qtrax player is designed to search for, listen to / watch the video and audio online. In appearance — a harmless, inspires confidence. And anti-virus software on it, «do not swear» — say, a legitimate application; all is well. It would seem, look for yourself multimedia content online for free, enjoy it and be happy. But there it was! Qtrax have another side — a very dark and hard-hitting …

Firstly, in most cases, the player is installed in the operating system on the sly — independently Contrary user desires. And this points to the fact that its developers use black software distribution methods. That is to say, you want it or not, and we’ll program from its still deliver.

Secondly, Qtrax player has no built-in uninstaller (module for removal), which is available in all decent programs, by the way, respecting the desire of the user.

Thirdly, Qtrax is rather strange is located in the file system: masks its elements under the system modules — in the Program Files folder will not find them …

However, there is still fourth, fifth, and … in-tenths. Arguments abound! And all of them motivated by the question «How to remove Qtrax?»

Qtrax player

They saw the icon on the desktop or in the list of installed programs bukovkoy «Q» — Qtrax player — to urgently get rid of him. Of harm’s way!

You do not know how? Perform one of these steps.

Delete Qtrax application regular Windows tools

1. Place your cursor on the Qtrax label and press the right mouse button. select «Properties» from the context menu.

Attention! If the tag is not present, proceed to step №5 this manual.

2. In the window «Qtrax Player» tab «Shortcut».


3. In the column «Object», copy the path to the file that starts the player in notepad or text editor.

4. Click «File Location» in the same window, to see the directory, where «Qtrax settled».

screenshot 1

Tip! Often, the executable file is different from the name of the player and is located in a folder other applications — usually trusted. For example, such a variant known location: sllauncher.exe to Microsoft Silverlight software platform folder. Let this «butoforiya» does not confuse you: do not be afraid that the system in the absence of these elements fail. You will need Microsoft Silverlight — download the installer from the site and install of.sayta. Better this way.

5. Windows Reboot into Safe Mode (hold «F8» key).

6. Launch the «Task Manager» key combination Ctrl + Alt + Del or using the «taskmgr» command (without the quotes) in the menu bar «Start».

7. Open the Qtrax player and activate it in any function.

8. Again, go to the Task Manager panel and click on the tab «Processes».

9. Try to find a process with the same name of the executable file that is registered in the shortcut properties (if you do not remember, open a text file, which kept the path to the player), guaranteed to set his involvement in the malicious applications. At the time of activation of Qtrax, it will create a load on the CPU PC (refer to the Manager «CPU» column).

screenshot 2

10. Highlight it with the cursor and open the context menu of the right mouse button. Then click the radio button «End Process.» Close the «Task Manager» and Qtrax.

Tip! Do not pay attention to the warning system, and in any case, do not cancel execution of a given command.

11. Delete the executable file specified in the label Qtrax, regular function of the Windows (move it to the cart or select «Delete» in the drop-down menu).

12. Open the «Start», type in the string — regedit.

13. In the Windows Registry Editor, activate the «Find …» in «Edit».


14. In the «Find» enter «Qtrax» (without the quotation marks), and then start scanning click «Find Next.» Remove found entries and sections from the player’s name. Continue Search «F3» key, until, until the entire registry will be cleaned up. Close the editor.

15. Clear the cache on all browsers (Ctrl + Shift + Del).

16. Choose a combination of «Win» keys + «E». In the search box dialog box, re-enter the «Qtrax» and click on the icon «Lens» (located on the right).

17. Remove all the files in a standard way, provided in Windows.

Warning: Some elements of Qtrax will flatly «abandon» be deleted from the computer. Try to get rid of them using the Unlocker program or LockHunter.

18. Restart the computer in normal mode. In the Control Panel, see «Uninstall a program» check list of installed applications — Qtrax there must be absent.

Delete Qtrax application using Revo Uninstaller + CCleaner

It is worth noting that this removal option «crafty player» more efficient and lightweight in terms of performance: human error gives utilities cleaner — and by a wide margin.

1. Start Revo Uninstaller. Find the Qtrax player in the list of installed software on the system. Highlight its icon cursor and activate the option «Delete» (from the context or main menu — without a difference).
Revo Uninstaller

2. Wait until the verification is completed. Set the scan mode system «Advanced» button and click «Scan».

3. Remove all found Revo Uninstaller files and registry entries.

4. Restart the OS.

5. Using utility CCleaner, delete the system junk files and folders, registry entries, as well as clear the cache on all browsers.

6. Make sure that the list of installed programs is not Qtrax.

The uninstall process is over! You can now enjoy Windows liberation from intrusive software — Qtrax player.

Enjoy your stay and secure on the Internet!

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