How to remove programs from startup and speed up the system?

By | 07.04.2016

Microsoft Windows
Automatically start programs at Windows startup is useful only in certain cases — for example, to constantly the application or any resource or monitor system parameters, if required. Most often autostart only increases system boot time, leads to additional consumption of resources, increases the Internet — traffic. Viruses and malware are also very often used for its download Autorun. So often the question arises — how to remove programs from startup?

How is the startup programs

In modern versions of Windows, there are many ways to do this. These include:

  • «Startup» folder. It is available to the user via the «Start» menu, it can be placed shortcuts to programs that run automatically.
  • initialization files Win.ini and System.ini.
  • The system registry. This method startup is used in all versions of Windows and provides the greatest opportunity. It is used a lot of different keys with autorun parameters. Such keys may be different sections in the registry.

System tools for working with the startup list

The provided «System Configuration» application system, control startup programs. It can be run from the command line (in Windows7: Start — All Programs — Accessories — Command Prompt, then recruit msconfig.exe and press Enter). In the program, select the tab «Startup».

Features of this application are limited, moreover, there are shown, not all elements of the startup.

Editing the registry (regedit command) is associated with certain difficulties, but admitted at the same mistakes can lead to complete failure of the system. Therefore, this way of working can be recommended only for experienced professionals.

What tools are best suited for editing lists startup
Many of the programs for the optimization of Windows, such as, Auslogics BoostSpeed, provide the opportunity to work with a list of applications that are automatically loaded when the operating system starts. But due to the fact that for a large number of startup methods, the list of startup objects in such programs are usually part-time can be used.

One of the best specialized programs designed to modify the list of applications running automatically in Windows — OSAM Autorun Manager. With it, you can disable the startup programs in Windows xp, Windows Vista, Windows7. This free app (it can be downloaded at the address analyzes almost all the possible ways of startup programs and provides information about the startup in a convenient sorted list . Remove the program from startup, you can by removing the mark (all changes to the system will be made after pressing the Apply button). Clicking on the project, right-click, you can view the additional data of the object, for example, the corresponding entry in the register (Jump to registry), or go to the folder containing the file (Jump to file).

How to choose a program to be deleted from startup

Before you cancel the startup programs, you need to choose a list of unwanted applications. The origin and purpose of the programs that run automatically, you can often tell from the name file. For example, if the title contains «Update», then this app is designed to automatically update the corresponding program. Such elements startup list in most cases can be considered at best useless, because usually there is no need to update every day, for example, Adobe reader or the Java, while the update sizes reach tens, and in some cases, hundreds of megabytes. If the application is not only downloads the updates, but also automatically installs them, it can enhance not only the Internet — traffic, and CPU utilization.

How to detect malicious software (Malware) at startup

It should be noted that OSAM Autorun Manager works directly with the registry without using the system functions, so can detect hidden records accessed by conventional methods may be blocked. How to determine which applications can significantly degrade the performance of the system?

In OSAM Autorun Manager has the ability to use online malware scanner. Often gives reason to conclude suspicion strange file name consisting of a meaningless set of letters and numbers — applications such names can be automatically generated by the virus. In the case of high CPU usage or excessive use of memory should run the Task Manager and see what kind of application uses the highest percentage of resources. That object can be a program contained in the startup.

If the antivirus program detects, but can not remove malicious software, the possible reason for this — viral load BEFORE anti-virus program, with the result that the antivirus is blocking access to the file. Solutions to the problem may be the removal of dangerous files from the startup using the startup manager under consideration.

What to do if Windows will not boot or locked?

In this case, can help the boot disk (Live CD) ERD Commander. The most convenient set of three options, applicable to the different versions of Windows (selected in the boot menu).

Consider, for example, how to cancel using the ERD Commander startup programs in windows 7.

ERD CommanderAfter loading the drive with ERD Commander computer is configured to boot from the optical drive, select the appropriate version on the menu Windows. Next will be asked to select the partition containing the system, which is supposed to work. Sometimes ERD Commander is not installed on the hard drive of the system — in this case you need to use a utility to recover the file system and / or boot record (MBR), and possibly the means to restore the hard disk. If Windows successfully defined, the following paragraph select the Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset, hereinafter — Computer Management. In the window that opens, we find the Autorun, including 4 sub-categories: system, LocalService (local service), NetworkService (network service) and the section called username. Revealing the desired section, viewed in the right pane, the names and description of startup objects. Remove the object can be via the context menu (as usual, the right mouse button).

Using ERD Commander, often manage to quickly remove Windows blockers and other virus programs that use autorun mechanism. It should be borne in mind that may not prove to be anything suspicious in some cases, the startup of the infected computer. This is likely to mean that the tampered operating system files (for example, userinit.exe). In this case it is advisable to make a disk by using, for example, DrWeb Live CD.

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