How do I delete a profile in Instagrame: ways to remove your page

By | 27.04.2016

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How do I delete my account (profile) in Instagrame

Instagram — chic web service for publishing their photos online. It has a fairly powerful integrated editor — collages, filters, frames. With proper skill, taking advantage of these tools, the user can give the imprinted instant completely different look — a more colorful, original, bright. And then, of course, share their recreated fotoshedevrom with fellow comrades.

However, this wave of creative positive overshadow little technical and commercial «but» again, the author of which he is Instagram. Annoying advertisements, invitations to participate in promotions, quizzes and other «marketing guile», albeit in a delicate manner, but still attacking photographers users. Some of them do not pay attention to the barrage of intrusive information — oblivious creates a gallery of portraits and landscapes. Well, someone — on the contrary, comes in thought — how to remove the page Instagrame. The solution of this task and the focus of this article.

Remove account in two ways. Let us examine them in detail.

method №1

1. Log in to your Instagram profile.

menu in your profile settings

2. Activate the drop-down menu next to user icon located at the top of the page.

3. Click the ‘Edit Profile’.

Account editing options

4. On the page settings, at the bottom, on the right side of the «Send» button, click «I want to remove …».

Application for the removal of the profile

5, opened in a special form to delete the account:

  • specify the reason for removal (select from the list the appropriate option, for example — set up another account);
  • enter the password to log into your Instagram profile;
  • click «deactivate Forever …».
action confirmation window

6. Confirm your actions: the modal window (it will be displayed on top of the web page) in response to the query «Are you sure …?» Press «OK».

delete message Profile

If all the required data has been entered correctly, Instagram, immediately after confirming reports that he has turned out to delete the profile (Your account has been removed), and he was sorry that you are leaving the service (We’re sorry to see you go ).

Note. When you re-register to create an account with the same login will not work. When you try to use the old nickname adminsistema Instagram categorically insists on the new.

method №2

  1. 1. Open the page in the browser —
  2. 2. Enter your login / password profile in Instagram.
  3. 3. Enter all the necessary data for the deactivation (as described in paragraph 4 manual method №1).

In essence, the method is similar to №2 №1, except for using a fast access to the form page deletion.

How to remove Instagram profile in the handset?

Get rid of your account in mobile application Instagram impossible. His removal from the smartphone / tablet does not affect the safety of the page.

The procedure is better to carry out the removal directly from your computer using the methods described above (№1 and №2); or phone, but solely in the browser without the intervention of the application (directly to the online service site).

And if it is a pity to delete your account forever …

Sometimes people are against photoservice Instagram, there are mixed feelings — there is no desire to exhibit their photographs on display, be active in your account, but to leave it is also not desirable. How to be?

You can simply delete all the published photos and forget for a while about the existence of the profile. But not on your nelly not get rid of it permanently.

To delete a photo you need to do the following:

1. Open the photo.

the & quot; setting photo & quot;

2. Under the icon image click the «menu» (three points).

list editing functions

3. Select the «Delete» function.

4. Confirm the activation of the operation (click on the appropriate button in the query window).

If placed on Instagram photo road page for you (too reminiscent, pleasing to the eye, and so forth.), Starting the removal procedure, be sure to save them on the hard drive of your PC. Decide on the method of removal and … proceed. And remember — in any case, at any time, you can create a new profile.

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