How to remove praetorian.exe and what is it?

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How to remove «praetorian.exe» of browsers and systems?

Praetorian.exe — a process that belongs to the application «Yandex Defender» and «Yandex Elements». It is not a file of the Windows operating system. Its functional task — to prevent changes in the home page address of all installed browsers.

Despite its noble mission — to protect casual users — create OS a lot of problems. Conflicts with other applications and thus causes system errors (eg «software exception 0xc0000417 …») In addition, under the «praetorian.exe» masked some malicious programs. Avast Antivirus defines them as «Win32: PUP-gen», and Kaspersky — «».

application error

These steps will help you to correctly remove praetorian.exe from the PC.

1. Run the «Task Manager» (key combination «Ctrl + Shift + Del»). Open the «Processes» tab in the application window.

2. Scroll through the list of running processes in the presence of «praetorian». If there exists such: select it with the cursor, click the right mouse button context menu and select «Properties».

3. In the section properties of the «General» of the process in the «Location» to find out where the «praetorian» file.

Tip! If the path to the complex (a lot of directories and folders), copy it to the notebook, not to forget.

4. Close the «Properties» window. Again select «praetorian.exe», open the context menu and select «End Process.»

screenshot 1

5. Open the storage «praetorian» (guided by the path specified in the properties). Select it, open the Windows context menu and select «Delete.» Empty the Recycle Bin OS.

Important! If the file is not visible in the window, press «Alt». In the resulting horizontal menu under «Tools» go to «Folder Options …» and open the «View» tab. And then turn the mouse click the radio button «Show hidden files …» (the last option in the list) and click «Apply».

In the absence of «praetorian.exe» in Task Manager, use Windows Internal search engine:

    • click «Win + E» or click on the desktop icon «My Computer»;
    • locate the top of the window the «Search Computer» and enter it — «praetorian.exe» (without the quotation marks);
  • Press «ENTER», wait for the end of the scan;
  • delete found by regular means the OS file (the shortcut menu, the «Delete»).
screenshot 2

6. Open the «Start» menu. Type in «mssonfig» search box, and then «ENTER».

7. Click on the tab «Startup». Look at the list of items, if there exists a «praetorian.exe», safely unplug it (remove the «check mark» next to the name). Close the utility «mssonfig» by clicking on «Exit without restart.»


8. Go to «Control Panel» ( «Start» menu) and select «Uninstall a program» (the «Program» section).

9. From the list of installed software «Yandex Elements». Cursor application Select the icon, and then on the menu (the upper part of the window), click «Delete.»

10. Remove the «Visual Bookmarks» applications and «Elements of …» by Yandex of all available browsers in the system:

  • in Internet Explorer — click the «Body» section of the main menu. In the list of options, select «Toolbars …». In the next panel, search for «Yandex Toolbar», click on it and select «Delete»;
  • in Firefox — «Tools» go to submenu and click «Extras» section. In the «Extensions» on the contrary Yandex add-ons, click the «Delete»;
  • in Google Chrome — click on the menu icon (the icon — the «three stripes») and then «Settings». On the next tab, go to «Advanced» and remove all application Yandex — «Searching …», «Starting …» and so on;
  • in Opera — see «extensions» of the main menu.

11. restart Windows. Re-open the «Task Manager»: «praetorian.exe» in the list of running processes should be absent.

After the procedure, the removal of «problem file» for safety, check all partitions Antivirus — established or alternative (LiveCD, scanning tools). Also scan the registry keys in the Windows Editor — regedit (for advanced users only!).

Successful you get rid of «praetorian.exe» and other applications to bother!

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