How to remove subscribers from FaceBook and most of them retire

By | 08.04.2016

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To be friends in social networks today is fashionable. And few people realize that this friendship many pitfalls. For example, even if a person is not in the list of friends of a person, it can receive information from its pages. This situation is typical for a network VKontakte.

It is significant that on the reception control page to friends in this network there are only 2 points: «Accept Friend» and «Leave to subscribers.» The fact that the person who sent someone to apply for inclusion in the friend, will automatically receive a subscription to its news pages, ie, can follow his updates in your news tape. Even more interesting is that even if you delete a person from friends, he would still be a subscriber! Naturally, the one who and friends with these persons is not going to, and share with them your personal information (and even almost forced) does not want to, there is a desire to remove subscribers from VKontakte.

It’s a shame, a shame, but do it a couple of clicks will not work, since such function is generally not available. What can be done?

  1. Ask the person to retire from the subscribers, to write to him in a personal or put up a notice on the wall. In cases with honest people it helps.
  2. The remaining can just minimize the amount of information available through customizing your page when you click «My Settings — Privacy.» If at all points of the window left tick only option «Friends» subscribers will remain at a very hungry Information soldering. However, information from the page, and records them on the wall will be available.
  3. Tighter way to remove a person from subscribers — block his contact. To do this, go to the item «My friends» — «Friend Requests» (if the applications were ignored), or on the tab «Subscribers», go to the page of the desired person and far below under the picture to find the item «Block imya_podpischika». After that, it will disappear from the list of contacts, information from a page will not have, but would have to remove each, one at a time. A little more than a quick way to delete all subscribers from unwanted persons — click on «My Subscribers» under his photo in the window that opens, click on the X in the upper right corner of the photo to be removed each person.

Let’s look at the situation from the other side — the very honest person who received the call to leave the subscribers VKontakte of a person. To unsubscribe, you just have to go to the right person the page and click «Unsubscribe from updates.»

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