How do I delete a post on Yandex: detailed instructions

By | 11.04.2016

How to remove an electronic mailbox on Yandex?

Yandex Mail
on Yandex Create mailbox is not so difficult: the search engine page opened, clicked the button «Start the box» and you follow the instructions — and all the business somehow. You can not say about the downright opposite procedure — its removal. Many people, and not even from beginners discharge, begin to frantically rush on service options in search of the coveted features to remove. And do not find …

Developers Yandex and not that «hid» the mechanism of the destruction of the account, but at the same time did not include it in the frontend. Apparently, this was done in order to protect the user from being able to remove a mailbox by accident. Or maybe not … How do I know?

But do not let that upset, dear user! Check out the instructions located below the text, and a series of long investigations on the question «Is it possible to remove a post on Yandex?» Will be held a party.

Seven times think — once daring!

Why is that? This is primarily due to the causes and circumstances due to which the user decides to delete the account in the mail service. Sometimes the owners of the mailboxes in a hurry to get rid of them, mistakenly assuming that it will help them solve a certain number of problems:

  • lost password Yandex payment systems;
  • it’s a text message, that someone tries to change your account information;
  • box «bombarded» spamnye mailing.

And it’s only the tip of the iceberg embarrassing situation from which to find a way out (and quickly!), Without having to remove the mail. Radical measures immediately to anything — simply contact Customer Support Yandex, use the restore control over the account or change the settings. Proceed on the situation!

How to remove the mailbox on Yandex

Attention! By removing the box Yandex, you destroy not only email, but the whole account and linked to it services, including data and content:

  • eWallet requisites established in Yandex;
  • maps with paved routes (Yandex);
  • files uploaded to Yandex.Disk;
  • videos posted on a hosting.

So, if you weigh the «pros» and «cons» and still want to permanently delete the e-mail service, do the following:
1. Log in to your account and go to settings-mail: press the left button of the mouse icon in the form of gears (located in the upper right corner).

screenshot 1

2. «All Settings» pass on the very first link in the menu that appears.

3. In the list (under the picture «Yandex. Mail» on the left side of the screen), press the lowermost button «Show your data» (which is a function of «delete» in this option).

screenshot 2

4. Click the last sub-menu item «Delete Account» tab of «personal data».

Personal Information

5. Before you remove Yandex mail from the server, the system asks for personal data (password and answer the security question) to confirm the action. Enter in the field all the necessary information, CAPTCHA (characters from the image) and click the «Delete …».

screenshot 4

Warning: If you are at this point, for some reason, decide not to destroy the box, click instead of the first, the second button — «Back in the passport.» In the browser, «personal data» opens the group settings again.

6. A window will appear with the last warning, which you must select «Continue».

screenshot 5

That’s all! After this procedure, your account with Yandex server is completely off.

Can I restore a mailbox after removal?

All account information after you click «Delete …» and procedures for confirming the user’s intentions (the password and answer the security question), irreversibly disappear from the server disk space. Accordingly, it is technically impossible to recover them. Even if the removal procedure is carried out drawer without your participation. That is another user or hacker, took possession of the data to log in to your account.

The only thing that can be done in this case, since it is to recover your login. The truth is not right — one month from the date of removal.

Tip! If you lishis mail because of hacking and decided to create a new mailbox, the pre-read the chapter «Data security» to «Yandex help» page. Useful advice on drawing up a password, secret question and answer, as well as the fraudulent schemes of great help to you to protect yourself while using the postal service.

Now, dear reader, you will be able at any moment to break the frail existence of your e-mail. But remember: the phrase «Do not remove lead, led pardon!» Always takes place at the beginning of the procedure a nonrefundable.

In addition, you can read how to delete an account at .

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