How to remove Gmail on Android and PC?

By | 24.04.2016


How to remove a mailbox on

Mailbox on the Google service — a very useful communication tool. But sometimes it becomes necessary to remove it: I want to register another account, use the services of other Internet resource or hide the «traces» of its presence in the global network.

Remove mail Gmail — the task is relatively simple, but the fact, however, can sometimes cause some difficulties. In particular, at first time users. Let us consider in detail the profile of the two neutralization instructions (the first — the PC, the second — for the phone).

Deleting your account on the computer

1. Open your browser to and log in to your account.

settings page

2. Then, in a new tab or in the same way in which the displayed e-mail, type in the address bar — And then press «Enter».

off option

3. On the Web page, «… the Google service management center» in the «Account Settings» box, click on the link «Turn off services …».

removal services

4. In the submenu, select the «Delete services».

account management

5. On the new page, activate the option «Permanently delete service — Gmail».

Warning! If you want to get rid of the entire profile, not just from the mail in the «Delete Account» section, click «Close account and delete all services …». And then follow the serving system.

6. Check the box under the question «Remove [profile name] @»

7. Specify in the box the new address, which will be used to log in to your Google Account.

Warning indicates the action box to an external address in the standard format. For example,

8. In this box, open the letter received from Google. Then click on the text link to confirm your request and, accordingly, be deleted.

Deleting your account on your phone

(For example, devices with Android OS)

1. Open the «Settings».

settings menu

2. Go to the subsection «Accounts & sync …».


3. Select the mailbox you want to delete.

account deleting

4. Click the option «Delete account».

If your operating system blocks the removal procedure (on the display the message «Account is required to access applications …), follow these steps:

1. Get root-right on your phone, opening the opportunity to carry out fine-tuning of the Android OS.

Warning Seek method for producing root-privilege just for their phone.

2. Download / install the phone File Manager Root Explorer c or another trusted online resource.

Tip! You can use another manager. For example, Solid Explorer or ES File Explorer.

3. At the root of the filesystem, open: Data → System.

System folder contents

4. In the folder «System» delete two files — accounts.db and accounts.db-journal.

5. Restart your phone. Check accounts. Mail address (profile) should disappear.

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