How to remove Plus Omiga entirely by hand c + PC remove isearch

By | 12.04.2016

search engine Omiga-plus

How to remove in Windows

Viral search engine Isearch.omiga-plus come in RuNet from Taiwan. The main purpose of this system is to help the user to find useful information on the network, and bring financial benefits to the founders of due impressions advertisers sites. Distributed network mainly «black» methods (concealed installation, the installer integration in third-party program).

Getting into the operating system, the expansion of Isearch configures all browsers that only find in the system, to «its own way» — changes the address of the home page, is written in the toolbar. Besides, located in the file system of Windows so as to remove it completely regular means was impossible.

To remove Omiga-plus virus from your PC, follow these steps.

Starting the uninstaller

1. Open the «Start», then — «Control Panel».

2. Click «Uninstall a program».

uninstaller Omiga-plus

3. In the list of installed software, try to find the uninstaller (uninstaller) extension — Omiga-plus uninstall. If such an object is present, select it, click the mouse and click at the top of the panel the option «Uninstall / Change.»

4. Select all the items in the uninstaller window and click «continue».

Warning: In some versions of malware removal module is missing. In this case, all folders and files Omiga must be removed manually.

Determining the location of the virus

1. Start Task Manager by pressing the key combination «Ctrl + Shift + Esc».

2. activate the tab «Processes» window manager.

3. Find the existing processes objects with the names:

  • loader32;
  • Loader64;
  • Norpallo;
  • Omiga;
  • Loader.

Caution is also Omiga can mask their processes and under other names. Pay attention to the name of the object and its signature (column «Description»). If in doubt, it is a viral process or useful, make a request by him to the specialized service (for example,

4. Click the Detection of Viral process the left button. Select the menu item «Open storage …».

5. Copy the «Notepad» or remember the path to the folder Omiga-plus.

Deleting folders / files malware

1. Restart the computer in Safe Mode (hold «F8» in the process of rebooting).

2. Open the directory (folder) found in the manager Omiga-plus process. Then remove it from the computer regular Windows tools (the «Delete» in the system menu).

3. Do OS reboot normally.

Scan your PC utility AdwCleaner

AdwCleaner not a full Antivirus and protects the system from malicious software. Nevertheless, thanks to its powerful detection algorithm, the utility «knows» how to remove Omiga plus and similar browser hijackers from operating efficiently and quickly.

1. Download AdwCleaner from office. site (software is free) and run.

2. Click the «Scan» button on the interface panel.


3. Wait for the test (in the «Results» field will show the infected files and registry entries).

4. Click «Clear».

5. Restart your computer.

Setting browsers

Check the properties of browser shortcuts:

1. Click on the icon left button.

2. Click «Properties» in the function menu.

3. To activate the tab «Shortcut» In the Properties window.

shortcut properties

4. In the «Subject:» after the executable file (for example, chrome.exe …) all additional entries (links to malicious search engine) must be removed.

Restore the settings in the browser:

Internet Explorer

1. Go to «Tools» (click on the icon «cog»).

2. Go to «Internet Options» section.

3. On the «General» tab in the Properties window, in the «Home», delete all records and enter a link to a trusted search engine.

IE settings

4. Press successively the «Apply» button and «OK».

Google Chrome

1. In the «Settings» (chrome: // settings), in the «On startup» section, turn on the radio button «next page».

2. Click «add» option.

3. In the modal window «Initial page» link to remove Omiga-plus (click the «X»).

4. In the «Add a Page», type the address you are using a search engine (Google, Yandex, etc.)

"Add a Page" option

5. In «Appearance» section, click «Edit».

6. Remove isearch.omiga- plus link and register as a trusted search engine.

link to isearch.omiga-plus

7. activate «Manage search engines» in the box «Search».

8. Remove the malicious link and select affordable search setting.

9. Click «Finish».


1. In the address bar type — about: config. Press «ENTER».

2. In the warning message, activate the button «I promise …».

3. In the «Search» box, type — omiga-plus.

Setup & quot; about: config & quot;

4. Click «Reset» for each setting found intrusive service left button and activate the shortcut menu.

After cleaning, check all system partitions utility Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.

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