How to remove discussion and comments on Odnoklassniki?

By | 08.04.2016

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Methods for removing discussions and comments on the site Classmates

Discussions Odnoklassniki long been overshadowed and forums are the most popular for communication. If the messages are private, and their contents are known only to the two parties to rewrite each other, the discussion was attended by a lot of people — all of whom, the topic caught my eye.

What is discussed collectively?

Any event, which appeared in its own tape or tape of any person to whom went to the page and saw something interesting.

Most often discussed:

  • Photo;
  • notes (status);
  • video clips and video clips;
  • different topics in groups.

One need only to press the inscription «Comment» and join the discussion.

There you can exchange ideas and compliments, give good advice, meet like-minded people, make new friends with similar interests, or vice versa, to make enemies and bring them to the black list, to no longer annoyed.

Sometimes such discussions occur violent, heart-pounding passion; many are beginning to regret the fact that in general get involved in the process and want to remove your listing from the discussions, but to do so is not easy.

Methods for removing discussions

1. Any author can delete all comments to the topics created by him personally. When you delete a topic of discussion ceased to please, all comments on it will be deleted automatically. When selective removal can only remove those comments that, for whatever reason, are not pleasant.

From the tab «My» discussions are removed very easily. If the date of your mouse cursor, the next there is a cross with a prompt «Delete comment». After clicking on the cross will disappear comment.

screenshot 1

2. To delete an entry from the others created by other authors, it was not yet possible. That is, the tabs «participated, Friends, Groups» comments are not removed. It is likely that such an opportunity will soon, in fact to the administration of the site a lot of complaints about it.

3. It is possible to edit a comment for a few minutes after its publication.

When it became clear that the text is not written as they should, or not sent to the right place, you can use the Edit option by clicking on the pencil.
And replace the comment with your own text or emoticon

This is a very good option to get rid of unnecessary comments, but this option is available only for a few minutes and is not suitable for older comments.

4. If you want to delete the old comment, you need to apply themselves to the themes of the author and ask him for this favor.

5. The Internet is the «good advice» to remove: you need to select the text comment, right-click context menu, select «Explore element». At the bottom of the browser window appears with light:

screenshot 2

Right-click the need to click on the highlighted line and from the context menu select «Delete Node».
Then, close the cover with a cross in the right corner.

Indeed, it seems that the comments are deleted. Alas, they disappeared only to you and to close the browser window. Everyone else, they will still be visible — if so it was easy to remove everything that is not like that would happen to Internet sites? They have raked all and sundry.

6. There is another option — just get out of the discussion. It is especially important if the discussion of some topics are growing like an avalanche, and boring to read. This is done quite simply: Press the cross.

screenshot 3

This theme will disappear from the list.

Rules for the mobile version of the site

The mobile site discussions are hidden behind this sign:
screenshot 4

Removals discussions are the same as the full version of the site: comments personal topics can be removed easily, in other people’s topics impossible, but you can get out of the discussion. In the right corner of the date there are three vertical dots, after clicking on which will emerge exit window.

By clicking on the cross, we can get out of this discussion, after which it will disappear from the page.

The logical conclusion: before to get involved in the comments and discussions need to think carefully about how and whether it is necessary? And to write only what you would not have to blush and do not want to later remove.

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