How to remove Norton Internet Security and what to do if it is not removed

By | 08.04.2016

Norton Internet Security
Remove Antivirus? For some, this phrase sounds like a nightmare come to life. Indeed, why should it be removed — in fact this useful program! Nevertheless, sometimes it is necessary.

  1. If you simply want to change it to another.
  2. If a new computer pre-installed antivirus software that you do not like.
  3. If the user himself has decided that two anti-virus better than one, but there were problems after the installation.
  4. If the «extra» antivirus installed along with the other required software.

Incidentally, the last option is becoming more common — they are not only distributors of free low-quality software, but already respected brands, including McAfee or Norton Internet Security.

I must say that the complexity of the removal depends on the reason for which Norton AntiVirus has appeared on the computer.

What kind of prefer the vaccine?

If you remove the antivirus software is required in order to install another, it is — the easiest option. Usually it is sufficient to use regular uninstaller operating system, ie, open Control Panel, Programs and Features, find the list of Norton Internet Security or Norton Avtivirus, select it and click the Remove button. After removing the computer program necessarily need to be restarted.

In rare cases, a still manually delete the program folder located on the system partition of the hard drive in the Program Files folder.

And of course, before removing it is necessary to stop the program, ie, call it from Tray (area near the clock), right-click the logo and select in the resulting menu, meaning exit from the program.

Gift? Thank you, take it back!

The second difficulty option — the last one in the list above, ie, in which Norton was established together with another program — a browser update, Flash-plugin, etc. In this case, you just need to repeat all the steps mentioned in the previous section. If the antivirus is not removed, then just need to check if it is stopped, it is easy to identify on the program icon near the taskbar clock. The most common problems with the removal of any programs appear, precisely because it is not closed, and that is what is stopping anti-virus protection.

And in the future is to carefully read the accompanying text to install the software on time and turn off all unnecessary options.

War. And not cold

And the most unpleasant option — conflict antivirus. In this case, problems often arise even in order to remove from the computer program is not necessary, and in order to start the computer at all!

In a professional environment vseobscheizvesten fact that McAfee products are «not compatible» with Antivirus NOD (and generally the whole package ESET Security), as well as the fact that conflicts with Norton of KIS, as well as other mutual concerns of some programs. Ordinary users can also do not know, establishing that he was advised at the store or friends as «the best anti-virus» and getting glyuchaschy or no working computer.

Therefore, the best way to remove the second anti-virus — to reboot the system after installation. And because the first piece of advice: when you install an antivirus (any) required! uncheck «Reboot the computer after installation,» or any similar meaning, or cancel the restart, if the system so requests.

What gives? After restarting the system changes come into force, and if there is a conflict between programs, it will manifest itself in all its glory, and painlessly remove the program has not come out. And until you restart with this task perfectly cope Remove Programs from the Control Panel.

And yet, how to remove Norton Internet Security, if it is the normal way is not removed?

If the problems are limited to just «glitches», ie temporary problem computer, it is best to manually remove all the program folders on your hard disk. To be safe, you should use the search function (F3 or Tools — Search in the computer). Then you need to open the registry (Start — Run — regedit) and delete it all the keys and values ​​that contain the word «norton» or «nis». At the end of this procedure -. Reboot and attentive in future to install software
problems arise even when running. The most unpleasant option — lock system at boot time, which looks like a computer, only turn dependent. Tightly.

In this case it is better to call someone from friends-specialists (only real experts!), Or stock up courage.

So, first you need to restart your computer Reset button and immediately begin pressing the F8 key after the system will appear on the boot options screen, select «Safe Mode» and wait for the download. View in a must as an administrator!

Open Computer program, find the folder with the program, call on it context menu (right mouse button) and select «Sharing and Security», if it is not, then click «Properties», which select the «Security» tab.

On this tab, defined group of users and their rights in relation to this folder. In the upper box lists the user group, lower — the right of each group. You must select the top window, a group of «Administrators» (the perfect option if you are using the account «administrator», since it coincides with the group) and click the «Advanced» button at the bottom window. In the highlight Administrators dialog (administrator), click «Change» and put all! 1 tick in the column. Thus, this group has full access to the folder. It remains several times ponazhimat on «OK», and then delete the folder. The next step — already described by cleaning registry and reboot.

Of course, the first time to use a secure OS download mode scary. But in fact, all is not so difficult. The main thing is that this will solve the problem.

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