How to remove unwanted software from your computer?

By | 24.04.2016

Remove programs

How to remove unwanted programs: three effective ways

What unnecessary things that unnecessary programs — the same thing. Clutter up valuable space, creating havoc, disrupt comfort during work and leisure. It’s clear — you need to get rid of them. And as soon as possible! But that’s one catch: a household goods to our brother — an ordinary PC user — is understandable, what to do (not take fantasy!), But with computer applications, utilities — absolutely not. In particular, if they «scatter» hundreds of its files on all Windows directories and leave registry entries and five hundred.

Do not you still come across such «unique items»? No?! So that’s great. So God spared you. But be that as it may, to such vicissitudes of life have to be always ready. Remove unwanted program in various ways; them quite a lot, so we consider only the most «running» — proven.

Method №1: Uninstall through the Windows Control Panel

1. Press the «Win» or click the «Start» icon located in the system tray (at the bottom of the desktop).

2. In the window that opens, move the cursor to the section «Control Panel» and click the left mouse button.

3. In the Control Panel menu options display options OS «View:» set «Category».

4. Locate the «Programs» section (first column, last paragraph) and run the «Uninstall a program» (click the left mouse button).

5. Select the cursor in the list of an installed software application you want to remove from your computer.

6. Right-click to open the context menu and activate the «Change / Remove». Or click on the option of the same name at the top of the list.

screenshot 1

7. After these steps, system utility to launch the uninstaller program you specify. Please act according to its recommendations, to properly eliminate all elements of the application (files, folders).

A warning! Sometimes, the program fails to remove the above method because of the virus, is in its «body» or other directories. In this case, you must use specific tools to remove and anti-virus software.

Method №2: using CCleaner

1. Run CCleaner program.

2. In the left pane, click Tools in the section «Service».

3. Next to the main interface, CCleaner will be another vertical column — section menu. Select it in the first place — «Remove Programs.»

4. Locate the list of installed software program that you want to delete. Highlight its name / icon mouse click.

5. Click the «Uninstall» (located to the right of the list).


6. Activate the uninstaller program in the respective functions and buttons (if there is such a need) — «Next», «OK», etc.

Attention! Do not confuse the button! «Uninstall» — launches the uninstaller, which removes the application correctly. «Delete» — immediately remove files from the directory «bypassing» uninstaller (not recommended to use it for this purpose).

Method №3: complete removal of programs by Revo Uninstaller

1. Open Revo Uninstaller.

2. Look for the icon in the tool bar of unnecessary programs. Then click on the right mouse button.

3. In the pop-up menu, select «Delete.»

Revo Uninstaller

4. Wait until the initial analysis: Revo Uninstaller will automatically find and launch the uninstaller application.

5. Navigate to the «Uninstall a Program» and follow the appropriate action (removal unit settings, the choice of options, service confirmation).

A warning! Some uninstallers «asking» the user to restart the PC in order to completely remove all program elements. When using Revo Uninstaller do not need to: give up by clicking «Restart later». Otherwise, the utility will not be able to perform OS scan for the remaining elements of the remote program.

6. Select a scanning mode ( «Safe», «Moderate», «Advanced») to include the cursor corresponding radio button. It is recommended to perform a deep system scan — mode «Advanced».

7. Click on the «Scan» button and wait.

8. Check out the test results. In the «Found entries remaining in the registry» click «Select All» and then «Delete».

Attention! Dedicated ticks registry branches are not removed. This is done for clarity of the procedure and no more. Liquidated immediately record and key programs that are in their sections. So you can not worry about that Revo Uninstaller disrupt the performance of your PC.

9. Repeat the same procedure in the «found the remaining files …».

10. The program is fully removed. Close the panel Revo Uninstaller.

What if the individual elements of a program or it will not be deleted?

No special tools in such a problematic situation can not do. At least the user that communicates with a computer on the «you». Check out the most popular software solutions below and use them in the future to deal with «unruly» files.


After installing Unlocker OS integrates into the context menu. And this is its main convenience — it is always at hand. In order to give effect to this tool, do the following:

1. Place the cursor on the file or folder that you «do not want» away.

2. Click the right mouse button.

3. Select the «Unlocker» from the menu (the icon «magic wand»).


4. Set the action «Remove» and click «OK» in the panel of the pull-down menu.

Unlocker will complete all the processes of the selected object and safely send it to your cart.


It acts in the same way as Unlocker — places delete option in the Windows menu. It is called «What is locking this file?» (This file is blocked?).

1. Set LockHunter.

2. Right-click on the element, not wanting to trash.

3. Activate the menu function Utilities «What is …?»

What is locking this file

4. LockHunter display panel in his way to delete files, as well as the processes and applications that its «hold» in the system. And also ask you what to do with the selected file.

5. Press the «Delete It!», To remove the blocked element.

This concludes our brief overview of tools for removing unwanted programs ended. Let your PC and in all parts of its operating system ever, and nothing will be too much. Good luck to you and enjoyable to use IT-technology!

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