How to remove or delete any files or folders from your computer?

By | 08.04.2016

Probably every novice user more than once confronted with the following problem — it is impossible to delete a file. This situation can occur if the drive to clean junk files and folders, or delete the installed programs.

When you try to remove the file system issues a message that the action can not be executed because it is open in any program or used by another process. Immediately it should be noted — it is impossible to delete the folder only if it is does not delete files.

The first thing to do in this case — to close all open programs and try deleting again. There are cases where it is just a busy open program.

If this does not work, one of the few ways you can use:

  • Without the use of special software
  • Using the boot disk
  • Using Unlocker free program.

We must remember that deleting files can be unsafe and affect system performance.

Deleting without special programs

In most cases when the file is not deleted, the report also indicates about it, what process it will «take.» In this case, simply turn off the process.

To do this, in the Task Manager to find the process and remove the problem.

If the file is in use process explorer, you need to run a command prompt, start the Task Manager, remove the problem explorer, in the command prompt, type del and specify the full path to the file. Then he retired.

Next in the Task Manager window, select the «File», then — «New Task», and in the opened window enter «the explorer.exe».

Uninstalling using a boot disk

The next way to remove a locked file — use the LiveCD, by downloading it from the installation disk or flash drive. With this application, you can use the OS or the usual graphical interface or command line. It should be note that booting from this drive, the computer drives can be designated very different characters.

To see whether the correct drive is selected, you need to use the command dir c :, which displays a list of all that is on drive C :.

Uninstalling using the Unlocker

The use of this program — the most popular way to delete does not delete the folder or file. That its popularity due to the fact that it is free and works reliably.

This program is very simple and straightforward to use. Once installed, simply open the context menu of a locked file and select the item Unlocker. Next, a new window opens, in which you need to choose «delete» button and click «OK».

When using portable-version, after its launch in the window that opens, select the desired folder or file, click «delete».

Principle Unlocker works similarly to the first method for removing locked files — removal process, which it blocks. Among the advantages of this way — everything is done more quickly and easily, the program can even find hidden from the user process.

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