How to remove a computer Mystartsearch (start page of the browser)

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Instructions Mystartsearch remove from your computer

Mystartsearch — program-virus.Vnedryaetsya in browsers and changes the start page: prescribes the address of the web page the search engine of the same name. The OS is installed hidden (together with other applications or from the infected site). Not removed from the computer by regular Windows tools. Even if the user has set options through the trusted search engine (Google, Yandex), the malware at the next system startup again restores the address of the service. Modifies the OS service, sets the task in the «Task Scheduler.»

To remove Mystartsearch of the PC and restore the settings of Internet browsers, follow these steps.

Run the built-in uninstaller Mystartsearch:

1. Click «Start» and open the «Control Panel».

2. Go to «Uninstall a program».

3. Remove the application with the names mystartsearch uninstall, Windows Manger Protect. As well as other dubious programs (especially those that have recently been installed).

uninstaller Mystartsearch

Disable / remove malicious operating system settings:

Task Manager

Task Manager
  1. Press «Ctrl + Alt + Del».
  2. Select the «Start Task Manager.»
  3. In Manager dialog box, click on the tab «Services».
  4. Disconnect IEPlugin services service (remove the «check mark» next to it).
  5. Activate the «Apply» button and then — «OK».
  6. Select «Exit without restart.»

Task Scheduler

  1. type «Task Scheduler» to «Start» bar.
  2. Start icon will appear «Clock».
  3. In Scheduler window, left-click on «Library …» folder.
  4. In the next block, on the right, in the task list, locate the entry Mystartsearch. Usually, it has a name which consists of a set of letters and numbers (e.g., 4DFF785-76ABC2 …).
  5. Select it, right-click, and then run the optional sub-menu «Delete» command.
  6. Close scheduler, restart your computer.
malicious entry in the scheduler

Get rid of files / folders Mystartsearch:

On the C drive (or partition on which Windows is installed)

folder global Update
  1. In the directory Program Files folder, delete:
    • global Update;
    • SupTab.
  2. In the Program Files \ ProgramData:
    • Windows Manger Protect;
    • IePluginServices.
  3. In the Windows \ Tasks send files to Cart:
    • XJAIY.job;
    • XDLC.job.
  4. In the Users \ <username> \ AppData:
    • the Local folder — globalUpdate;
    • in Roaming — XDLC, XJAIY, XDLC, XJAIY.
  5. Also, do not leave the directory Roaming:
    • in Mozilla \ Firefox \ Profiles \ <generated profile name> .default \ Extensions \ — delete folder
Roaming directory

Cleaning and restoration of browsers

Check labels

Analyze the properties of shortcuts on the desktop, as follows:

  1. Place the cursor on the icon, press the right button. Select «Properties» from the menu.
  2. In the column «Object» (in the «Shortcut» tab), remove all additional entries
    are after the browser executable file (… firefox.exe).
  3. 3. Click «Apply», then — «OK».


Download from the site of the company «Avast!» Browsercleanup program (free of charge). Run it. In the Utility window, on the tab of each browser, click «Reset».

Next: despite its efficiency and effectiveness, Browsercleanup, unfortunately, «does not know» how to remove mystartsearch completely; separate operations to remove the advertising search engine must be performed manually.


Despite the fact that the «body» of malware virtually destroyed in the options Mozilla Firefox still remained settings «search engine.» They need to be removed manually, erasing entries in the top mounting file.

You will need a notebook-program (text editor); the most convenient — Notepad ++ (download it from of.sayta and install on your PC).

1. Open the directory browser Mozilla \ Firefox \ Profiles \ <generated profile name> .default \.

2. Select the right — prefs.js. In the menu, click «Edit … Notepad ++».

3. In the editor, open the file browser settings. Press the «CTRL + F» to start the search function.

editing prefs.js

4. «the Find» panel, in the «Find» line, write — mystartsearch and start scanning ( «Look further» button). Discovered in rows add-remove malware.

Remove mystartsearch

5. Do the same file cleanup (as in step №4) on request — quick_start.

Also, remove unwanted features can change directly from your browser. This method is suitable for less experienced users, because it has a lower degree of risk in the course of removing the damage useful features FF.

  1. Open Firefox.
  2. In the address bar write — about: config and press «ENTER». «… I will be careful,» Agree with a warning.
  3. On line «Search:» enter mystartsearch.
  4. Right-click on each found string with the name of the obsessive search engine, and then run the «Reset» function from the menu.


  1. Open IE menu.
  2. Go to the «Customize the superstructure.»
  3. Activate the option click «Search». Remove from mystartsearch list.
  4. Install a trusted search engine.

Google Chrome

  1. Open the Google Chrome settings.
  2. In the «Settings» in the «On startup» section, click «add».
  3. In the «Initial page» click the icon «X» opposite the reference mystartsearch.
  4. In the «Add a Page» register address preferred search engine (Google, Yandex, etc.)
  5. Next — «OK» button.
  6. In the block «Appearance» check the box next to the settings «Show button …».
  7. Click «Edit» next to the reference to the malicious search engine.
  8. Remove the contents of the «Next Page».
  9. Turn on the radio «New Tab», press «OK».
  10. In the block «Search» activate the setting «Manage Search Engines».
  11. In the «Search settings …» to set the desired search engine. A link to mystartsearch remove by pressing «X».
  12. Remove all entries in the panel «Other search engines».

Cleaning the registry

  1. Open the Registry Editor: Start → regedit (in rows).
  2. Start the search function: CTRL + F.
  3. Ask mystartsearch request and scan all registry branches.
  4. Detection recording with the name of the search engine is removed.
  5. Continue to search until the entire registry will be checked.
  6. Follow the same procedure on request — faststart.

After cleaning is finished, restart the PC, check the operation of all browsers. Update your antivirus, check all sections of the disk for viruses.

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