How to remove the fashion of Giove (Jove) for the game WoT?

By | 24.04.2016

modpak Jove

How to remove events from the pack Jovi?

Fashion by Jovi — chic set of modifications of functional extensions and graphic enhancements for online game World of Tanks. In each version of the assembly mods Jovi team invests a maximum of gaming facilities and informativeness. There are new superstructure panels, alternative versions of voice, skins and many other utilities that increase the level of gameplay at times.

However, some of the WoT fans, wishing to get acquainted with the innovations Jove or abandon them altogether (ie disable mode), faced with typical problems:

  • modpak does not work after installation or is not working properly;
  • there software conflicts;
  • It does not start the game client, and so on. d.

To avoid them, you must remove the right fashion by Jovi with the PC. Consider a few ways to solve this problem.

Method №1: setup installation of a new version

When installing a new build, enable the option «Remove all installed mode» (click the radio button), and then click «Next». In this case, the installer will pre-clear the contents of the folder <current version number> and remove «configs» folder and «mods» in res_mods directory. And thereby eliminate the occurrence of any problems associated with the compatibility of earlier versions.

Jove mods installer

If you have installed other mod packs, it makes sense to use the function «Delete all fashion and …» (the first item in the installer options). Along with the global clearing installer «it resets» profile.

Method №2: the standard uninstallation

1. Click «Start» button (lower left corner).

2. Click «Control Panel».

3. Go to the «Programs» section and click on the option «Uninstall a program».

run the uninstaller

4. In an installed software directory right click on «Jove`s Mod Pack …».

5. Click the «Delete» in the additional window.

action confirmation

6. Confirm your intention to remove all elements modpaka: Click «Yes».

Note to mods Jove (build

If you install this version of the software is displayed in the list of two assembly components (ie two virtually identical names in the list):

1. The main application without a signature in the «Publisher» (668 MB). It removes the method described above.

2. Optional — signed «» publisher (142 MB). When you try to remove it by regular means there is an error and the proposal to remove from the list. Agree with these steps: Click «Yes».

desktop shortcuts

Upon completion, send the cleaning procedures to cart shortcuts «Fashion by Jove» and «sights WOT». They are not related to executable files and execute a quick launch of the browser with the specified resource pages wotsite.

Method №3: uninstaller

Below is a step by step guide remove modpaka by the utility Soft Organizer. But in the absence of such, can be used for other similar functions of the application. For example, CCleaner, RevoUnstaller, UninstallTool and others.

1. In the Soft Organizer, in the panel «Program», highlight mouse click «Jove`s Mod Pack …».

Soft Organizer

2. Click the «Uninstall a Program» located just above the list.

launch the built-in uninstaller

3. Confirm the deletion of the specified items. In the «Uninstall» window, select «Yes».

4. Click «Find» to start scanning the remaining elements.

scanning activation

5. Clean by clicking the appropriate option in the interface.

Method №4: «from scratch»

If you set a lot of mods, new versions are installed over the old ones, and so on, it is advisable to completely remove the client, including all directories, registry entries and therefore modifications. This procedure can also perform better with the help of special tools (Soft Organizer, RevoUninstaller). Because standard tools do not always operate efficiently cleaned.

After neutralizing elements WoT is desirable to perform a «clean» operating system applications such as CCleaner and Reg Organizer. And only then proceed to install the client World of Tanks and all additional modpakov.

helpful hints

If you often experimenting with modifications: unplug the old, «screwed» new means of patches, or make them yourself, or directly to any changes to the customer, always keep on hand and the game installer proven fashion (working at 100%). In the presence of such reinstallation, WoT setting will only take 10-15 minutes.

New wins and you hot battle in the exciting game world World of Tanks!

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