How to remove the extra tabs in Google Chrome?

By | 08.04.2016

Google Chrome
Any Internet user chooses which browser it is most convenient to use. Almost all large companies that are engaged in software development, consider their duty to bring to market its application to work with web pages.

One of the most popular browsers in recent years has become Google Chrome, which is the most fast and functional browser. One of the most important and sought-after features in Chrome are the favorites (bookmarks). Bookmark in any browser — it’s stored address a specific page on the Internet. They can be used at any time to make the transition to a page, which is necessary and has already been at least once, and had been added to the special menu.

Deleting bookmarks

But sometimes there are situations when you need to remove a bookmark in Chrome — whether the page is outdated, or simply do not need it, or just the user decided to clean your list of saved pages addresses. To do this, use the standard tools that are already in your browser.

To remove one or more bookmarks, first of all, you must open the bookmarks bar or bookmark manager.

You can do this by opening the menu (the icon in the upper right corner) and there select the menu tab (see. Screenshot).

menu in Chrome

In the list that appears, select the exact Web page that is to be removed. In this process, there are absolutely no restrictions — the user chooses from what he needs to get rid of. The process itself is very simple — when you right-click on the desired bookmark a user logs into the context menu. The list of possible actions is enough to select the action «Delete». It is important to remember that the removal takes place without confirmation from the user, so before this action should carefully review your list.

A small secret Chrome

In Google Chrome, there is a very convenient feature that allows you not only to delete the stored URLs, but simply move them to the folder «Other bookmarks». At the same time there can be stored up to a certain point unnecessary bookmarks. They will not always catch the eye, but they can at any time access. If necessary, using the same contextual menu, you can return the tab in the main list. When there is accidental deletion, then cancel the standard combination Ctrl + Z.

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