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2 working method of removing

Whatever vigilance guards did not have a computer operating system — anti-virus and firewall — no, no, yes, and sometimes give a blunder. Pass all «living creatures» in the bowels of the file system — worms, trojans, rootkits. The ingenuity of hackers in conjunction with the user’s carelessness prevail. In short — there are troubles.

The virus, which opens in the browser site without the user’s knowledge, is masked by protecting and durable «take root» in the system. Alas! How many do not restart your PC as not reinstall browsers — the effect will be zero: Web page phishing links will continue to appear on the monitor.

If you are faced with this small but wicked «little animals» — malware (malicious software) — automatically starts the main browser useless, and, moreover, dangerous, do not despair and know — he has a cure. As is known, against the scrap, other scrap can be applied, which will be heavier or notebook. It is this concept we use.

So, we proceed to your computer disinfection of the annoying loader! Consider a few ways.

Removing by System Restore

This method allows you to remove, using only standard Windows tools. The entire procedure of treatment takes place almost automatically: the user is required only to activate the appropriate utility OS.

Warning System Restore advisable to perform only in the case when the disk C — section, which houses the system — there is no information of particular value to the user (program content). And if there is one, try removing the malware in another way (see below). Since the transfer data to other sections too safe — the virus can easily be attached to the files and thus safely migrate to another directory (folder, disk).

1. Press the «Win» (depicted her system icon) or click «Start» button.

2. Type in «Find …» the phrase «System Restore.»
System Restore

3. At the top of the panel «Start» in the «Programs» utility will appear with the same name. Click on it.

4. Select the most recent (nearest) restore point. Focus on the date of its creation ( «Date and time» column).
screenshot 1

Attention! If there is no recovery points to remove the virus by the system rollback will fail.

5. Click «Next».

6. If desired, you can see which applications and systems will be subject to recovery halyards. To do this, activate the «Search programs concerned.»
screenshot 2

7. Click «Finish» button.

8. Confirm the activation procedure, wait until the recovery and then restart the computer.

After these steps, the operating system of your PC will look, which she had at the time of saving settings for later recovery. So do not be surprised if on your desktop will be missing some shortcuts and from the «Start» menu of the application will disappear — as it should be. The main thing — a malicious website is now willfully fails to boot. What is actually needed to do.

Separate removal

Rolls up his sleeves! To personally remove malware from running, you have to work hard. However, not for long. Follow the instructions and your PC will be all OK!
1. Download HijackThis tool from the official site ( And only with him! Downloads of the program on other resources is unsafe. Save utility in any section of the disk, wherein the system is not set (D, E).

2. Disconnect the network connection and restart the PC in safe mode (hold «F8» Startup).

3. Click «Start», type in the «Search» bar — «msconfig,» and press «ENTER».

4. Open the «Startup» tab in the opened panel. The list elements in the first disable browsers (if they are present in the list). Carefully consider the other elements. If they do not inspire confidence — also turn off.

5. Run HijackThis.

6. Utility activate the «Do a system scan only» in the main menu.

7. After the system scan is done, the list of registry entries to look for the branch «HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Run» string parameter «Adobe Flash Player SU». It can have a value of approximately «» C: \ Windows \ System32 \ cmd.exe / k start && exit »».
editing the registry

8. Check the box in the line of the recording and click «Fix checked» (fixed a selected record).

! Tip If no HijackThis utility, you can use the Windows Registry Editor — regedit. Write the name in the «Start» prompt and run. Then activate the scan function (CTRL + F), in the «Find:» line write — and press «ENTER». All records with the name of the site you want to remove.

9. Right-click on the icon browser that automatically start with Click «Properties», click on the tab «Shortcut».
screenshot 3

10. «Object» Look at the entry in the column. It must be specified only the path of the executable file (… chrome.exe or … firefox.exe). If you find any «tails» (foreign record), feel free to delete them.

11. Perform this procedure (paragraphs 9 and 10) with the labels of other browsers.

12. Reboot the PC. Check the system operation: connect the internet, open the browser one by one, run the installed applications.

If the virus once again will have an effect, scan the system utilities Dr.Web CureIt! or Virus Removal Tool (Kaspersky lab product). And even better — please refer to computer security experts. Maybe your computer has been infected with a new modification of the malicious program.

Good luck and health to you and your computer! Do not visit questionable sites — where «viral infection» most.

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