How to delete a contact from Skype

By | 08.04.2016

Communicating with Skype is not just enjoyed a wide popularity. Service is convenient, relatively inexpensive, functional and reliable, and good shell program. But Skype is not without drawbacks such mass services such as sending spam, calls or messages from unknown people, etc. And the characteristics of human communication has not been canceled:. Today, the friendship, tomorrow — there is no … What is it? In addition, it is sometimes necessary to clean your contact list of unnecessary items.

How to delete a contact from Skype? In fact, quite simple.

  1. For Windows: open your contact list (the title of the «Contacts»), right-click on the right person, and from the menu choose «Remove from your contact list.» This opens a window where you need to confirm the deletion. Another option — allocating unnecessary contact already, open the application menu (top row under the heading Skype) select «Contacts» and select the already mentioned command.
  2. For MacOS all a little different, but the meaning remains the same. Choose one needs an avatar (picture) removed the man and the context menu, right-click and select «Remove user».
  3. With mobile devices even easier: just hold the human finger icon in the window «Users», until you see the image of the functional buttons on it. To remove, as usual, we need a «cross». Then open the same window, confirm removal. The only thing to remember — deleting a contact from your smartphone or tablet, you should not expect to see it on your computer, the person is removed from the application, ie, from any device permanently.

The most interesting is that the removal of the contact does not entail the termination of communication. The whole history of correspondence remains in place, receive calls and chats also may not be able to just use the video call and make or view files sent by this man. For many users, this is puzzling: I removed spammer from your contacts, and he and fills up my messages / calls.

To fully close the subject the opportunity to communicate, not enough to remove a contact, you need to lock it! This is done by the same methods as the deletion, only:

  • for Windows from the context menu, select a contact point «Block this user»;
  • for MacOS human avatars need to click the menu «Block Imya_kontakta»;
  • on mobile devices to hold the contact until the button with three dots, which when pressed, it is necessary to select «Block contact».

By the way, a Skype allows you to block and delete person at a time, for it is enough to put a check on the item «Remove from the phonebook» in the confirmation window lock.

But even with a blocked user can resume communication. True history of messages and calls sent files cleared, but these are trifles. How to do it? Through the management of «black list», which includes all the locked entries phonebook. blacklist management called via the menu item «Contact» (in Windows even with an intermediate point of the «Advanced») or through Skype menu — Safety — Blocked users.

It is important to remember that although the blocked user is not displayed in the contact list, all correspondence with him and saved on «his» side, so it is very legible to treat requests to send any personal information or images.

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